The following are excerpts from letters we have received from a few of our many thousands of satisfied customers.

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“After calling 3 other San Diego plumbing companies that had no plumbers available, I finally got a hold of an honest plumber, 1-800-Any-Tyme! They went the extra step to get someone out to my house to fix my sink. I appreciate every thing they did! Thanks again 1-800-Anytyme.”

Johnny V.
San Diego, California


“I reached your customer care center (via Google) in a little bit of a panic due to a serious pipe leak and I had no idea what to do. Your dispatcher Dan helped calm me down and assured me that a plumbing technician would be at my house within the hour. Sure enough, 35 minutes later a 1-800-Anytyme plumber named Jessie was at our door. He explained the cause and the solution extremely well and had the problem fixed within the hour. Jessie was quick professional and gave great service. I would call – 1-800-Anytyme – Any Tyme I have a plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or electrical problem. I can never thank you all enough!”

Joey C.
Redlands, California


“I was blown away at how professional and courteous of an attitude your electrician Stephan had. Stephan was genuinely concerned with my electrical problem. It was taken care of in a tymely manner and for an excellent price. Everyone I spoke with at 1-800-Anytyme was friendly and customer service oriented. I would refer you to anyone of my friends or family. I’m grateful to your whole team, keep them around.”

Joey C.
Redlands, California


“Before 1-800-Anytyme, whenever I called a plumber I usually received an over-weight, sweaty and inappropriately discourteous man with his pants below his waist just waiting for me to cut the check. Not anymore, your plumbing technician Ernie was dressed appropriately, courteous, and extremely thorough. He made sure that I understood every part of the procedure before he started to work on it and gave me an estimate up front. Ernie had excellent knowledge of the problem and the drain that was giving me problems hasn’t needed to be looked at since. Thanks for a job well done. Keep up the good work.”

Margaret C. P.
Riverside, California


“Purchasing a new water heater was a tough enough job in itself, but finding a good company to install it correctly was even tougher – until 1-800-Anytyme. I saw one of your trucks on the way back from work a few days after buying the new water heater. Calling you couldn’t have been easier, 1-800-Any-Tyme (1-800-724-8232). I called, explained that I needed to have my new water heater installed and scheduled an appointment in about 5 minutes. Their customer service technician Dan also gave me an approximate estimate over the phone as well, it was significantly lower than the previous companies I had contacted. Thanks again for the tymely install of my new water heater.”

Mike S.
Temecula, California


“Thanks for coming so quickly!”

Kris B.
Lakeside, California


“Your 1-800-Anytyme technician Louie was very accommodating and very polite. It’s good to know you have service professionals that are knowledgeable in their field. I feel comfortable calling you back anytyme. Thanks again!”

Kate, S.
Rancho Cucamonga, California


“I was exceptionally pleased with Roger. He was very honest and professional. We have recommended 1-800-Anytyme highly to a few family members already. We appreciate your services.”

The Wilson Family
San Bernardino, California


“Oscar is a great electrical technician. He is very courteous, outstandingly humorous, and experienced.”

Philip V.
Encinitas, California


“One of your 1-800-Anytyme’s tech’s finished a job early and I previously had an appointment for a later time and your customer care department called and asked me if I would like to have my new Air Conditioning system installed at an earlier time. It was nice to receive a phone call and have the option of getting my A/C installed sooner. He also wore his “slippers” every time he walked in the house, it was very courteous and saved me a lot of clean up. Thank you Ricardo and 1-800-Anytyme.”

Vicki P.
Carlsbad, California


“I was referred to 1-800-Anytyme by a dear friend of mine, and was extremely satisfied with your service. I will refer you to anyone who needs an experienced and skilled plumber, electrician, or HVAC tech. You guys rock!”

Jack B.
Escondido, California


“Jeff deserves some extra recognition, he’s an exceptional worker.”

Mary Ann S.
Corona, California


“Your dispatcher Dan was excellent!! The technician Stephen is wonderful, I really trust him and his work!!”

Janine M.
Vista, California


“Great – I am 100% happy with your service. Ernie was professional, very courteous, and polite to me and my family. I will refer 1-800-Anytyme – Anytyme!”

Lisa F.
Lake Elsinore, California


“Your technician Leo arrived at my house 15 minutes before he was scheduled to and performed his tasks in a professional manner – he knows his job and does it well. Thanks 1-800-Anytyme!”

Freda S.
Rancho Santa Fe, California