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Are you having trouble with a clogged drain? Is your water heater giving you problems again? Do you need to fix your air conditioner in time for summer? Our licensed technicians serving Oceanside are ready to tackle your toughest problems and provide advice on how to best maintain your systems for year-round home comfort.

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When is it Time For Professional Drain Cleaning?

Professional drain cleaning services are recommended if you are experiencing severe clogs, or a blocked toilet or sink.

One of the benefits of professional services is that we can help you reduce your chances of experiencing these clogs or blockages. Depending on the drain location, many elements can clog your pipes; when this happens, your everyday routine will be interrupted. We have found everything from cooking oil to small toys to excessive toilet paper as the source of our customers’ drain problems.

Of course, simple drain clogs can be cleared with your basic plunger or commercial drain opener. But for clogs deeper in your drain line, you will need professional solutions. Our drain cleaning services include drain snaking, high pressure water jetting, and even video camera inspections that can pinpoint exact areas of damage.

Is Your Water Heater Ready For Winter?

Don’t get caught in a cold shower in the middle of winter! We recommend regular water heater maintenance to ensure you’re getting the hot water you need.

One of the most common water heater problems is inadequate heating. This is often due to issues with the circuit breaker. Another problem involves a lack of hot water, which can be solved by repairing or replacing the thermostat. Some homeowners also have problems with the amount of time it takes to reheat the water; this will also require an adjustment to the thermostat.

What are the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters?

A tankless water heater is worth the initial upfront investment for the energy savings it allows you to reap over time. With no tank to hold idle, unused hot water, the tankless unit proves more energy efficient because it provides hot water only when you need it. It’s essentially a hot water on demand system. Most homeowners choose to install a tankless unit for this reason. You’ll get instant hot water without having to wait for the system to heat up.

Tankless units are ideal for smaller families who are strapped for space. You can easily install this unit almost anywhere in your home, including under cabinets and crawlspaces.

What’s Troubling Your Air Conditioner?

Is your air conditioner not working at all? Is it only blowing warm air? If your unit has stopped working, the problem lies in the thermostat or the power. The thermostat must be used on the proper setting. We will also inspect the circuit breaker and the fuses. Our technicians are able to quickly solve this problem and get you back to enjoying cool air.

The filters commonly cause warm air problems. It’s recommended that your air filters are replaced at least once every three months, or once a month if you have pets or a larger household. If you have a severely clogged filter, we will help you replace it as well as inspect your AC system for potential problems. Some airflow problems also involve the coolant, which should be handled by your technician.

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