Trenchless Sewer Repair in Vista

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We’ve all observed this scenario in our neighborhoods: a homeowner’s landscape is severely damaged as their plumbing is being repaired. Once a compromise in their pipes is discovered, workmen must dig up their yard to replace the old plumbing.

We all cross our fingers and hope that will never happen to us. With trenchless technology, it doesn’t have to!

Trenchless drain replacement uses the existing pipe as a guide for hydraulically drawing a new pipe through the system. This new seamless, epoxy-lined pipe is the same size as the old one. It reinforces the original plumbing, eliminates the damage, and prevents future damage.

What are the Advantages of Going Trenchless?

Trenchless plumbing offers many benefits.

First, it doesn’t tear up your yard, driveway, or sidewalk. Until this technology was available, technicians could only repair plumbing by physically digging the pipes out and replacing them, which is often an expensive, lengthy process. Plus, homeowners had to repair damaged landscaping and hardscaping on their own!

Trenchless repair, on the other hand, involves making small access holes in each end of the existing damaged pipe, thereby saving the cost and trouble of digging up your yard.

Another benefit is that trenchless technology replaces existing plumbing with superior materials. Because the new pipe is seamless, there are no joints into which roots can intrude. Calcification cannot occur because the epoxy lining is so slick that calcium slides right through without causing build-up in the new barrier pipe.

The new trenchless drain replacement process itself eliminates the cause of damage by clearing out roots and crusty blockages in the old pipe, providing a barrier against future damage. There is no need to remove the old pipe because, having been reinforced, it can serve as a guide for the new pipe and its structural integrity is restored. The new seamless pipe gives you full flow capacity, so you experience fewer back ups!

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