Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair in Greater San Diego

Have a clog in your kitchen sink? The culprit could be a faulty garbage disposal. Call (800) 656-3569 for professional repair and replacement services in Vista and San Diego.

Your garbage disposal takes on a lot on any given day. Over time, the need for repairs cannot be avoided. Your technicians at 1-800-AnyTyme provide long-term solutions to your garbage disposal problems. For fast repairs in the San Diego County area, contact us to set up an immediate appointment.

How Can You Avoid Garbage Disposal Problems?

It sounds simple, but the best way to prevent garbage disposal problems is to make sure you are using it correctly. Be aware of what goes into your kitchen drain on a regular basis, and that kitchen utensils or other foreign objects don’t fall in and jam the unit. Also, when operating your garbage disposal, run a little water before, during, and after it is used. This helps the unit do its job more effectively and helps to prevent problems.

What are Some Garbage Disposal Repair Tips?

The main step to diagnosing your garbage disposal problem is to LISTEN. Turn on the switch, and try to listen for anything unusual.

Here are some initial repair steps you can try on your own before calling your technician for repair:

  • Some problems with disposals have to do with the wiring. If the disposal does not turn on at all, then the problem is likely electrical. One simple thing you can do is press the little red reset button on the bottom of your disposal. Still doesn’t work? Read on.
  • If you hear a humming sound when you try to turn it on, your problem is not electrical. Your disposal might simply be jammed. Remember: do not put your hand into the hopper (where the water/food goes)! This is very dangerous, and should always be avoided. Use a tool to pull anything out of the disposal that may be jamming it AFTER you have turned the switch into the OFF position.

If you have tried everything, or would just rather have your problem diagnosed and taken care of by a professional, give 1-800-Anytyme a call or make an appointment by filling out our simple appointment form online today for quick and efficient service near you.

Need to Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

If repairs aren’t enough, sometimes replacement is the only option. Garbage disposals, like most appliances, have a limited lifetime and can eventually succumb to corrosion as well as mechanical or electrical problems.

1-800-AnyTyme makes it easy to replace your unit. We provide fast garbage disposal removal and installation for your home when you need it. Our technicians are licensed professionals and will get the job done right to give you a brand new garbage disposal in no time.

Whether you need to repair or replace your disposal unit, you can trust 1-800-AnyTyme for quality service. Call us today at (800) 656-3569 for a free estimate!