Thermostat Installation & Replacement in Vista

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Looking for a way to make your home more comfortable? Want to save on your energy bills? Replacing your thermostat is a great way to improve energy efficiency. If you live in the greater San Diego County area, contact 1-800-Any-Tyme for immediate service.

What’s the Difference Between Digital and Manual Thermostats?

If you have an older home and haven’t replaced your thermostat in a while, you probably have a manual thermostat. These work perfectly fine, but are less accurate.

With a manual thermostat, your house may be overheating by around 4 degrees, causing your heater to work more than it should. Your heater may also not be heating your house enough, making your home cold and uncomfortable.

A newer digital thermostat can make it so that your home is heated or cooled very close to the exact temperature you desire. This not only makes your home more comfortable, but can also save you money by making your heater or air conditioner run only as much as it has to.

What About Programmable Thermostats?

Some digital thermostats are also programmable. This gives you even more control over the heating and cooling in your home; you don’t even have to be home to control the temperature! More advanced features allow you to set the temperature remotely, such as through the Internet.

Want to lower the temperature a bit more when you sleep, but don’t want to wake up to a cold room? No problem! With a programmable thermostat, you can set your heater to turn on before you fall asleep, so that you save energy at night but are comfortable and warm when you want to get out of bed in the morning.

Ready To Install Your New Thermostat?

There is no need to replace your entire heating system if it is working just fine. Sometimes all you need is an upgraded thermostat to return to a comfortable, well-heated home.

Your licensed technicians at 1-800-AnyTyme will help you find the thermostat that is right for your home. Not all thermostats fit with every heating and cooling system, so it is important to have the correct one professionally installed.

Installing a thermostat yourself can be hazardous, and can also result in further problems for your overall HVAC system. Leave it up to your technicians, and we will install your new thermostat safely and accurately.

Want to replace your entire comfort system? We can do this for you quickly and efficiently, so you have a top-notch system working in your home in no time. See our heat pump, boiler and furnace replacement page for more information.

Contact us today at (760) 477-2222 for thermostat installations and replacements that are 100% guaranteed from start to finish—or your money back!