Roof Top Heating Services in Vista

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You may be familiar with the common central air system that is split, maintaining indoor and outdoor units to circulate air for cooling or heating. However, rooftop heating units are slowly gaining ground in the residential sector.

In the past, commercial buildings were the exclusive users of rooftop systems. Now, we’re finding that more customers prefer the roof system over window or split selections. To install your own roof top heating unit, look to your technicians at 1-800-Any-Tyme for service in the San Diego County area.

What Are Roof Top Heating Units?

A roof top heating unit is typically a furnace and air conditioner built into one square or rectangular housing. It resides on the roof, connecting into the home or business through duct systems.

Instead of splitting components between outdoor and indoor units, all of the necessary parts work together in a confined space. The heating element, blower, and other core parts produce warm air that is forced down into the building with powerful fans.

What’s the Benefit of Roof Top Heating?

The main benefit of using a roof top unit is space efficiency. If you do not have a yard, a split system is not possible. Small apartments or city condominiums are perfect examples of properties with limited outdoor space.

Placing the HVAC unit on the roof frees space around the property for a small patio, for example. The location also protects the unit from vandalism or theft.

What Needs To Be Considered Before Units Are Installed?

Before you even consider a rooftop unit, your home’s physical structure needs to be examined. If you have an angled roof, a rooftop unit will probably not work for your needs. Even a small unit needs some flat space for installation. Although mounts are available for angled roofs, extremely steep roofs are not ideal for these kinds of units.

You must also consider weight and installation costs. The roof may not be able to support the system you need to adequately warm the home. The heating unit must be hauled up to the roof using a crane and several workers. Labor costs for this are more costly compared to a standard split or window system, especially if the home has several stories.

How Can You Prevent Problems From Occurring?

If your roof top unit suffers from a severe failure, you risk paying for another expensive installation. Save yourself time and money with consistent maintenance.

We recommend annual maintenance checks. We will examine the entire system and clean it for you to make sure it continues to run efficiently.

Other basic services include bearing lubrication and pulley or belt inspections. The coil must be tested and cleaned to ensure that the unit is warming the air effectively. We also make it a point to check and recharge the refrigerant, if necessary.

Just like any HVAC system, the rooftop unit has a filter. It must be replaced twice a year, typically before heavy use. If the heating unit also houses air conditioning, it is best to replace the filters in the spring and fall. Clean filters keep air flowing through the system for greater energy efficiency.

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