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What are the Advantages of Regular Heater Maintenance?

As with any household appliance, the heater is one that needs regular maintenance in order to maintain its working efficiency.

However, even with regular maintenance, there are several problems that can still occur, especially if proper maintenance is not performed.

The advantage of proper heater maintenance, performed at least once every year, will help you prevent unit breakdowns and other problems. You’ll also be able to keep the cost of any repairs down.

A properly maintained heater will also have an extended lifespan and help you avoid premature replacement. A more efficient unit means better heating efficiency and greater energy savings.

What are Common Heater Problems?

Below are some of the more common heater problems we will help you solve:

  • Thermostat malfunction, which can lead to a lack of heat or a faulty fan
  • Airflow problems, which can cause overheating and poor heating control
  • Dirty and clogged filters, which restrict airflow
  • Pilot light and ignition control problems, resulting in intermittent or no heat coming from the heater

Most of these problems can be avoided with proper maintenance. Poorly maintained heaters also run the risk of giving off carbon monoxide leaks. This problem can be checked for during a routine maintenance inspection. We will also check for adequate combustion, make sure that every part of the system is working efficiently, and make any necessary repairs or part replacements before further problems develop.

Because of safety and health risks involved with a heater, it’s important to leave repairs and replacements to a licensed technician.

How Can You Prevent Heater Problems?

The best way to prevent heater problems is through regular maintenance at least once a year, performed by a professionally qualified technician who can effectively assess the current state of your heater and address any potential problems.

Without regular maintenance, you run the risk of having your heater break down unexpectedly and potentially heightening the cost of the repair. You also run the risk of being in discomfort, especially in the colder months, while you wait for your heater to get fixed.

Your knowledgeable technicians here at 1-800-AnyTyme will work quickly and efficiently to solve your heater issues and get your system back into working order so you can depend on it when you need it most.

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