Sinks: Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry room

There are many great reasons to install a new sink in your home. These reasons include aesthetics and functionality. Whether you have a functional reason for installing a new sink anywhere in your home – such as for a living room “wet bar” – or you are working on a remodel that involves sink replacement, contact 1-800-Anytyme today and we will get you on your way to making affordable improvements to your home!

When you have are planning a kitchen remodel, it is important to perform all installations and work in the correct order. 1-800-Anytyme plumbers have extensive experience working on the plumbing aspects of many remodeling projects in North County San Diego and surrounding areas, and will work with you and even the contractors remodeling the kitchen to make sure the sink is installed and the plumbing is completed at the right time!

Need a new faucet to go along with your new sink? No problem! 1-800-Anytyme also performs faucet repair and replacement. You can choose from some of our faucet and sink options, or buy your own. We have experience with all makes and models and types of sinks and faucets, so you can count on us to know what to do when you need a sink and faucet installation.

Bathroom sinks come in all shapes and sizes. There are vanity sinks, pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks, vessel sinks and more, for any type of décor from modern to traditional. Each has their own appeal, and some- like vessel sinks- have the benefit of being very easy to replace. For a more modern look, sinks also come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel. Other materials include the classic porcelain, glass, cast iron and marble.

We are licensed and certified to perform proper installations of any type of sink in your home. Many have trusted 1-800-Anytyme to get their sink installations done right, so call us today at (800) 656-3569 and experience the 1-800-Anytyme difference!

Laundry room
Many people are not even aware that having a sink in their laundry room, or even garage, is an option. Well – it is! And a great option, at that. We all have experienced those instances when something very dirty needed to be washed, but we were hesitant to wash it in either the kitchen or bathroom sinks. After all, we use those for our hands and dishes that we eat off of!

With a laundry or garage (utility) sink, you can wash those very dirty things such as shoes and tools before they even enter the house! If this option sounds like something that you could benefit from, call 1-800-Anytyme and we will map out a plan for your sink installation.

You can count on us to use only the highest quality parts and perform professional installations that leave you with no unexpected problems later on. To learn more about the professionalism and service you will receive from our 1-800-Anytyme technicians, visit our THPC page.