Sewer Line Services in Vista

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Do you have a problem with your main sewer line or one of the connecting drains? Don’t let your sewer problem ruin your day! Contact 1-800-Any-Tyme and one of our expert plumbers will be at your home right away, wherever you are in the San Diego County area.

There is no problem that we can’t handle; and even if you don’t know exactly what is wrong, you can rely on our expertise and experience to allow us to figure out the source of your problem and provide a lasting solution.

What Are Signs You Have a Clog in Your Sewer Line?

One major sign is if you are having issues with all of your drains, not just one. This indicates a main sewer line problem because all of the drains in your home connect to that one line in order to carry water out of your home.

What Causes Sewer Line Clogs?

General debris: A sewer line clog is generally caused by debris accumulating in your pipes, such as grease, hair, food particles, and other things that should not be going down your drains. Most of the time your plumbing is able to carry these things out with no problem; but sometimes a clump is formed that causes your sewer line to clog, creating backups in your home.

Tree roots: Another main cause of clogs is tree root invasion. The trees you planted in your backyard might look nice, but if they are too close to your sewer line they can cause problems. Tree roots are great at seeking out and finding water and nutrients. What better place to find those things than inside your sewer line?

If your sewer line is corroded, or is sectioned off, the tree roots have no problem entering the pipes and continuing to grow inside. Eventually, debris and particles end up getting stuck in the web-like network of roots, causing your sewer line clog.

How Do We Solve Your Sewer Problems?

Whether your problem is a clog, a leak, or a cracked or burst sewer pipe, we have the tools and knowledge to get your job done quickly, and at a price that is affordable for you.

Our plumbers are experts at sewer diagnostics. We will first gather information from you about the symptoms that you have been experiencing that might point to a sewer problem. If only one or a few of your drains are clogged, the problem might not be in your sewer line at all.

Once we have enough information, we will inspect your drains using our high definition optic video camera. This will locate the exact position of your clog, and show us what might have caused it in the first place.