Clogged Shower Drains

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Have you noticed that your shower is taking longer than normal to drain? You may have a clog. Address the issue early on so you don’t end up frustrated with a severely clogged drain over time. For immediate shower drain repair and clog removal, look to your plumbers at 1-800-Any-Tyme—we’re ready to serve our customers throughout the greater San Diego County area.

What Causes Clogged Shower Drains?

There are a number of items that can build up over time and block your drains. The most common include…

  • Hair
  • Soap build up
  • Bottle parts from shower products

How to Clean a Clogged Shower Drain

  • Hands-on: Check the strainer. Pop it out with a screwdriver. Release any wads of hair with tweezers to clear the clogged drain.
  • Liquids: You can use boiling water and vinegar to clean drains or use store-bought chemicals, but be sure to wear protective hand and eye wear since some products are toxic. We don’t recommend using chemical drain openers because they contribute to premature pipe deterioration if used too often.
  • Vacuum: If you are experiencing just a minor clog in your shower drain, try using a dry vacuum to get the clog out.
  • Plunger: Make sure you press the plunger over the drain hard enough to create a good seal. You can use petroleum jelly to help with the tightness. Plunge up and down until debris loosens.
  • Plumber’s snake: A snake is a tightly wound piece of spring steel with an auger tip on one end and a crank handle on the other. Twist the coil inside the clogged shower drain until you reach the waste. Jab the handle back and forth and snag the clog loose.

Best Advice for Clearing a Clogged Shower Drain

Using chemicals to clear clogged shower drains and bathtubs can leave lasting negative effects on the pipes. Harsh chemicals wear down pipes over time and can lead to a costly repiping job down the road.

We recommend a plumber’s snake as the most effective tool to safely clear clogged drains while still protecting your pipes.

Professional plumbing help is only a phone call away. Call today at (760) 477-2222 for a free estimate and to schedule an immediate drain clean so you can get back to taking a relaxing shower!