Clogged Mainline Services in Vista

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The mainline of your plumbing is the largest pipe that connects all of the other smaller pipes together in a home channel system. A clogged mainline is often the guilty party when you find multiple drains backed up at the same time in your house (for example, if your bathtub and toilet are clogged at the same time). For professional mainline clog repair, contact 1-800-Any-Tyme for service in the San Diego County area.

Waste can form a clog in any part of your home drainage system. When a blockage occurs in your mainline, you need to address the issue right away before you find yourself dealing with a messy flood.

Finding the Mainline

Track the pipes and connections in your house to the mainline. The mainline is commonly found in the basement or pantry closet. If you are lucky and find that the clog stops short from reaching the mainline and is in a branch drain instead, you can clean it out with a drain-and-trap auger.

Clearing a Clogged Mainline

Be prepared for a gush of sludge!

  • Have a bucket ready
  • Have tools to help with valve control
  • Be as direct as possible when using an auger because it becomes less effective the more corners it has to round
  • Have a high powered water hose available to flush pipes later on

When Should You Call a Professional Plumber For Help?

The tools you may need to completely repair a clogged mainline include hand plumber’s tape, a small gas torch, solder, flux, plumbing sandpaper, pipe cutter, gas tape (to seal the gas line), and some pipe glue.

That’s a lot of tools you may not have lying around. Call your plumber for help instead!

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