Residential Air Conditioning Services in Vista

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Noticing problems with your home’s air conditioning system? Read on for things to keep in mind to keep your home cool all summer long! If you need professional repairs or maintenance, give us a call today for service in the San Diego County area.

What Are AC Problems To Avoid?

Clogged air filter: Begin by checking your air conditioning filter to make sure air is flowing freely. The filter is usually hidden behind a metal vent about 20 inches high and wide in the wall or ceiling. If the air isn’t flowing properly, the AC can’t function at full capacity. A completely clogged filter puts extra pressure on the unit and may result in a complete breakdown.

Frozen coils: The coils are what cool your home when the air from outside flows over it. Having frozen coils doesn’t mean colder air will blow through. The actual problem is dirt, animal hair, or other airborne particles clogging the coils. This requires professional service due to the fragile nature of this unit.

Faulty wiring: Other problems include faulty wiring. Maybe a varmint has chewed the wire, or a weatherrelated condition has caused the wire to not work properly. This is something that needs to be handled as soon as possible by your technician.

Low refrigerant: Low refrigerant levels will decrease the efficiency of your AC and lead to higher utility bills. We will help you return your refrigerant level to the proper amount.

Unusual sounds: Hopefully you can hear when your air compressor is running. That is the big steel-looking unit on a piece of cement outside your home. It should have the smooth sound of a fan blade turning and creating airflow. If it starts to make other noises,there is trouble in your unit.

How Do You Know If Repair or Replacement is Necessary?

With proper maintenance and timely repair, your air conditioner should serve you faithfully for many years. When the unit starts to breakdown frequently or is over ten years old, it is time to consider replacing it.

Newer technology has made AC systems much more energy efficient. A new unit should pay for itself quickly with the savings you reap in lower utility costs.

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