Forced Air System Installation in Vista

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In a forced air system, the air is heated in a furnace and forced through the home’s duct system and out through registers. These registers are found in the ceiling or floor of a room. The cool air in the room is then displaced and flows down a return vent and back to the furnace.

The cooler air then goes through a filter and passes through the furnace’s heat exchanger. There, it’s warmed and conducted back through the conduits to the rooms around your home.

To install a forced air system, contact 1-800-Any-Tyme for service in the San Diego County area.

What are the Benefits of Forced Air Systems?

Easy to install: Forced air systems are favored by homeowners because it’s easy to install. The system doesn’t need extra ducts or vents.

Energy efficient: Forced air systems also cool rooms quickly, while keeping the temperature steady. Because they work by way of a thermostat, forced air systems are fairly energy efficient.

With zoning capabilities, they’re even more efficient. They’ll work to cool only those rooms that need them, so you’re not wasting energy on cooling rooms that are rarely occupied. Forced air systems also filter the air before it circulates throughout the house.

Safe: Forced air systems also don’t have the dangers of space heaters, which can be fire hazards if they’re used incorrectly. With forced air, the system shuts off when the house reaches a certain temperature and comes back on when it falls below that temperature.

Is a Forced Air System Right For You?

While it does feature some advantages, a forced air system is not for every household.

Smaller households will benefit greater. A larger home will actually waste energy if the system isn’t zoned, because air will be sent to every room in the house.

Forced air systems can also affect those who suffer from allergies, as the system can bring allergens into the room. This is especially true if there are floor registers.

However, all in all, forced air systems are an excellent way to keep your indoor air comfortable.

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