Air Conditioning Maintenance

1-800-Anytyme makes it easy for you to always keep your air conditioning system in the best shape possible. With our expert technicians and great service, plus all the great benefits of air conditioning maintenance, you will be wondering why you didn’t call us sooner. Contact 1-800-Anytyme to schedule your air conditioning maintenance, and be on your way to a cooler and more comfortable home.

How do we do it?
One important aspect of any good air conditioning service is a thorough cleaning. Your air conditioner has three main parts: the compressor, the condenser and evaporator. Each of these have smaller parts such as fans that move air through the system, hot and cold coils, and metal fins that help heat from the air conditioner leave more quickly.

In order for your air conditioning system to work properly, there needs to be proper airflow through the system. Proper airflow is achieved by a combination of things, but especially by a thorough inspection and cleaning of your system. Dust on the various parts of your air conditioner, as well as dust and dirt caught in the air filter, stop air from flowing freely and make your air conditioning system operate less efficiently.

In addition to cleaning, our professional technicians will inspect your air conditioning system to make sure that everything is working properly, and to prevent future problems and emergency repairs.

The best part is that your entire maintenance service will be completed quickly and efficiently! Our air conditioning technicians have performed these services many times, so you can be sure that your air conditioning maintenance is done quickly, but with care and attention to detail.

The benefits of regular, professional maintenance

  • Save money on energy bills. Like the temperature in your home to stay around 70 degrees Fahrenheit? Now imagine that you’re air conditioning system is able to keep your home at 70 degrees, while using less energy than usual. This is exactly what maintenance achieves. Your annual maintenance will be paying for itself in no time!
  • Prevent unforeseen problems. When we inspect your system, we look for things like leaks that can turn into a bigger problem if not fixed right away. With maintenance, you’ll greatly reduce the chance of a surprise A/C breakdown in the dog days of summer.
  • Extend the life of your system. Maintenance will extend the time that your air conditioning system will work effectively and efficiently. For example, making sure that the refrigerant is at the proper level will insure more efficient operation of your system, and make it last longer because it doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • Save money on maintenance with 1-800-Anytyme!
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