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San Diego Electricians

Our San Diego electricians install, test, and maintain electrical systems.

In the past electricians chose to work either in construction or maintenance. Today many work in both. In general, construction electricians assemble and install electrical systems. At 1-800-AnyTyme in San Diego, CA, most of our electricians are maintenance electricians that maintain and repair systems.

Maintenance electricians keep electrical systems and equipment in good working order. They inspect equipment and fix any problems that they find. They also check equipment for safety and warn managers when equipment is not safe. They may install new electrical equipment. When breakdowns occur, they work quickly to find the problem and make the repair. They use equipment such as oscilloscopes to diagnose problems. They may change items such as circuit breakers, fuses, electrical components, or wire. When working on complex electronic devices, they may consult engineers or industrial machinery repairers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or fill out an online electrical service request if you are experiencing an electrical problem or would like consult with an electrician about something that needs to be upgraded or installed.

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