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How to do a Trenchless Sewer Repair

How to do a Trenchless Sewer Repair

sewer problem san diego caThe charm of a house depends largely on how it is maintained. The older the house, pricier the sewer repairs. Things like sewer lines face severe damages over the years and traditional methods can often be very disruptive, spoiling the entire landscape of your house. But it is possible to do a trenchless sewer repair. How? Check it out.

How is your sewer system affected?

Accidents and gradual damage of the sewer system is common, but the most problematic ones are caused by nature. The intrusion of roots into the pipeline can badly damage the sewer system. Most pipes are made of clay, iron or a substance made from pitch and wood fibres. The damage in these pipes is uncontrollable. Trenchless methods for your home An older establishment needs special attention and trenchless methods are obviously the best methods available. But often new houses are connected to older pipes and plumbing system. According to experts the longevity of sewers depends on a number of factors, but if its age is more than 40 years, you might consider its replacement.

Trenchless methods came in vogue 10 to 15 years ago, but often we do not do enough research. There are two kinds of trenchless sewer repair systems available in the market:

pipe lining


pipe bursting

. If you are looking to install a pipe liner a flexible tube is coated with resin and is pulled or blown in the pipe which is damaged and then it is inflated. The resin eventually hardens, creating a pipe within the damaged pipe. In the pipe bursting system, a new pipe is pulled through the damaged pipe, which helps the damaged pipe to be cracked outwards. In this method, you need to dig up access holes on each side of the lateral. Both the methods are equally effective and may come with warranties for about 10 to 15 years.

Advantages of trenchless methods

If you make a comparison between the trenchless methods and the traditional ones, you will find that trenchless method can save up a lot of money. Often experts will tell you that the cost of the trenches may vary depending on a number of factors like soil type, material prices and the depth of the sewer. Before you start the process, you should ask the contractors about the potential expenses and an approximate estimation. There are actually quite a few other advantages of trenchless methods. The whole process is complete within a day or even less than a day. Your normal life will be minimally disrupted. This method ensures that your landscaping remains intact and the lawn is less hampered. Most repair methods conform to industry standards and will last you quite long. Most experts use a variety of techniques to repair the sewer pipes. If you picture the expenses, energy and inconvenience

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