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Driveway Leaking Water?

Driveway Leaking Water? Call an Emergency Plumber ASAP!

Driveway leaking water can be the sign of a big plumbing problemWater service lines can suddenly leak due to a wide variety of factors. These include age, change in temperature, the type of pipe material used, shifting of the ground, soil conditions and even the growth of the roots of a tree.

If a water service line suddenly leaks, who will be responsible for the repair?

If the leak occurs between the house and the property line, it’s the responsibility of the homeowner. That will include leaks occurring in the driveways. Beyond that, it’s the responsibility of the water utility company.

If your driveway leaking water is causing concern, get an inspection from a reputable San Diego Plumber.

You have to ensure that the problem is immediately addressed by qualified professionals, including an emergency plumber. Otherwise, the longer you wait makes for more water waste. But apart from that, you will also have to set aside enough money for the repaving of your driveway or even the reseeding of your lawn if you wait too long to address the issue.

The key thing to remember about plumbing emergencies, including leaking water lines buried beneath driveways, is that time is of the essence and prompt action is a must.

The first thing that you need to determine is whether you actually have a leak or you have a different problem. For this, you need to locate your external meter which is commonly found in gardens and driveways. After locating the water meter, ask everyone in the household to stop using water. Also, make sure that appliances that use water are shut off, including dishwashers and washing machines.

Locate and turn off the inside stop valve. This is commonly found beneath the kitchen sink. Now, turn on the faucet in the kitchen sink. If your stop valve is working properly, no water should come out.

Next, make one more check inside and outside your home, making sure that nobody is using water. Afterwards, make an initial reading of the water meter and then come back after half an hour for another reading. If you notice that the meter has changed, you have a leak on your property.

Next, you need to call in a Master Plumber in San Diego to pinpoint the actual location of the leak in your driveway. There are some firms that specialize in this specific service while there are other plumbers that can perform all the services you need to remedy your problem, from locating the source of the leak to digging beneath the driveway and patching up or replacing the leaking pipe.

Eight Signs you have a Slab Leak

Slab leak detection San Diego

Top 8 Signs That Indicate You Need Professional – Slab Leak Repair

Home repairs can cause all kinds of headaches. The most “painful” of all is the headache of more expenses. You might consider neglecting the problem, hoping it will “go away” on its own, in an effort to save money. But as any homeowner knows, disregarding a home repair will only cost more money, more stress, and further inconvenience.

This is certainly true of plumbing problems. When you’ve got a leak in your home, neglecting it will only make it worse. And when that problem is a slab leak, it is especially troublesome because it doesn’t become apparent for some time. Instead of leaving holes around your property, with a jackhammer, trying to find the source of the leak, look for these eight signs so you can call a professional plumber for a slab leak repair.

Eight Signs you have a Slab Leak

  1. An increase in your water bills may mean other sources of leaks, but sometimes this could also indicate it’s under the slab. The added cost to your monthly bill is just one of the casualties of slab leak. Wasting 10,000 gallons of water every month from a small hole is another.
  2. You see moisture or mildew on your floor. You might also see cracks in the tile floor. When a leak collects, there is no place for it to go but up and so you’ll see damp spots, sometimes water, on your floor.
  3. You will see cracks in the walls or baseboards. This happens because leaks under the slab cause the foundation to shift. The shifting will affect your entire home, like the walls.
  4. When you walk around barefoot in your home, you feel warm spots. This means that you have a leak with your hot water line.
  5. Water pressure has slowed down significantly. A tiny leak in your water line will lead to a drop in water pressure.
  6. You hear the sound of running water — even when all the faucets are turned off.
  7. The dial on your water meter is still moving — even when all the faucets are off, the toilet isn’t running, and the dishwasher is off.
  8. If you have a swimming pool, you may notice that it frequently loses water. This may indicate a slab leak.

Locating your slab leak doesn’t have to mean destroying your property with a jackhammer. By hiring a professional plumber, experienced in leak detection, the leak can be located quickly using detection equipment, with minimal to no disruption at all to your home.

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Must Know Water Leak Prevention Tips

Precautions For Water Leaks

Vista PlumberSo many people don’t know they have a water leak until they get their monthly bill. If a home is using excessive amounts of water, the water company may be the first to let the family know. If the bills are excessive and there is wasted water, there are a few things that must be done. First, call a plumber to help with the situation. Second, they will conduct an investigation into the home and what is going on behind the scenes.

One of the first things to look at is the average consumption a month. Based on statistics, a family of four should use around 12,000 gallons during the period of a month. If this amount is exceeded, there is a problem. Some areas have a water meter. It may be in the ground in a metal porthole or on the side of the home. Check the water meter and record the data. Then in a couple of hours when no water has been used inside the home, go record the numbers again. If water is being used according to the meter, but nothing is being used inside, there is a leak.

Vista LeakThe toilet is a common place where leaks occur. To see if the toilet is leaking, simply add a few drops of any color food coloring to the tank. A toilet that is leaking color will have some of that dye into the bowl within a short period. Another area that commonly leaks is faucets. The gaskets around them often become lose or even break. Surface leaks can be caused by a faulty pipe fitting, and there could even be water lying on the ground that is not being noticed.

Doing a bit of investigation will help the plumber to quickly identify the problem. Oftentimes, the issues aren’t huge just need dealt with before they become massive. Whether it is just a leaking faucet or the toilet is running it is important to fix the issues. The first reason is that it is costly. If water is being used unnecessarily, this can be a large cost to the family. Second, water that is left setting or dripping in an area over time will create mold and mildew. Both of these substances is harmful to person’s health.

The latest buzz is to try to handle problems without professional help. While the do-it-yourself craze is in full swing, there are somethings that can end up being more costly than if they were just left to a professional.

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