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Plumber Terms: A to Z

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Plumber terms every Homeowner should know

Plumber terms a to zPlumber terms can be confusing to many property owners. However, having some understanding of these and the associated concepts will help you maintain your home’s plumbing better and even gain insights into the various tasks that plumbers do. Here are the ABCs of plumbing that you need to know.

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Vista Plumbers Cite the Most Common House Calls

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Vista Plumbers expose most common plumbing problems

Vista PlumbersWhile most professional plumbers are trained to resolve all kinds of gas and plumbing issues, Vista plumbers say most of the jobs they take care of are rather repetitive. The same issues are tackled over and over again, especially from residential areas. As such, they become more established experts in solving this particular set of problems and can get the job done quickly.

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How to do a Trenchless Sewer Repair

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

How to do a Trenchless Sewer Repair

sewer problem san diego caThe charm of a house depends largely on how it is maintained. The older the house, pricier the sewer repairs. Things like sewer lines face severe damages over the years and traditional methods can often be very disruptive, spoiling the entire landscape of your house. But it is possible to do a trenchless sewer repair. How? Check it out.

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24 hour Plumber in San Diego

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Have the Best 24-hour Plumber in San Diego on Speed Dial for Emergencies

Vista Emergency PlumbingThere’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work, or waking up in the middle of the night, to find a plumbing problem in your home — one that you certainly cannot resolve on your own, regardless of your efforts (or your spouse’s). With your usual routine disrupted, that plumbing problem has now thrown a wrench into the rest of your plans and tasks for the day — and that can definitely ruin the entire household’s activities as well.

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Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem at Home

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Sewer Line Issue Surfacing?sewer problem san diego ca

Your home’s plumbing system is one of its essential parts that is often overlooked until a problem arises. It handles a wide variety of tasks, and when you have a sewer line problem at hand, basic tasks like maintaining hygiene, washing clothes and preparing meals can become complicated and inconvenient.

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Eight Signs you have a Slab Leak

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Slab leak detection San Diego

Top 8 Signs That Indicate You Need Professional – Slab Leak Repair

Home repairs can cause all kinds of headaches. The most “painful” of all is the headache of more expenses. You might consider neglecting the problem, hoping it will “go away” on its own, in an effort to save money. But as any homeowner knows, disregarding a home repair will only cost more money, more stress, and further inconvenience.

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The Ways in Which to Clean Stains

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Stains on Tile and How to Remove Them

Vista PlumberWhy Is There Water Stains on my Tub and Tile?

The staining on your tiles and tub is a result of abundant minerals that are present in your water supply. While the water is treated locally at your cities water treatment facility, a small amount of minerals still pass through, and are part of the water you consume and utilize in your home each day.

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Get the Story Behind the Toilet

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

The History of the Toilet

Vista PlumberThe Paperwork Behind the Term

There are many euphemisms for going to the bathroom. On ships, toilets are called “heads.” Originally, wooden boards with holes in them hung over the sides of ships. These were placed at the head of the ship.

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These Common Clogs Can Be Prevented

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

Vista Plumber1Flushing certain items down the toilet can be far more troublesome than just an occasional clog.

Not only are you going to cause expensive problems for the plumbing lines down the line, but you are also wasting more water each time you flush the toilet.

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Don’t Let the Myths Consume You

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Popular Plumbing Myths Debunked

Vista PlumberPut lemons in your disposal to make it smell good. You can clean bathroom fixtures with hand soap. Pipes don’t need to be cleaned because they have water running through them.

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Time to Make the Change to Beautify Your Bathroom

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Top 10 Ways To Beautify Your Bathroom

Vista PlumberIf you feel like your bathroom is drab and boring, it might be time to make some updates.

There are many simple and relatively easy ways to revitalize your bathroom and create a beautiful spa-like retreat.

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Choose the Best Brand Possible!

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

What are the Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands

Vista PlumberRecommend What You Would Personally Use

Plumbing fixtures absolutely need to be built to last. Much as it might be tempting, this is not the place where you want to cut corners and look for savings.

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Get Clearance of the Dangerous Plumbing Mistakes

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

3 Most Dangerous Household Plumbing Mistakes

Vista PlumberWhile there are many plumbing projects homeowners can easily accomplish without professional help, several should not be attempted because they can be quite dangerous.

Too many times a homeowner will take on a plumbing project because it seems simple on the surface, only to later find that this project can have seriously dangerous consequences.

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Save Energy, Save Money by Going Green this Spring

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Spring

Vista PlumberAll the talk about going green in recent years has many people looking for ways to conserve energy and keep our planet healthy.

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Spring Cleaning Starts Now!

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Spring Plumbing Tips: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Plumbing

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