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Things Are Heating Up This Summer! 5 Tips to Ensure Your Air Conditioning System Can Cool You Down

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Whether you live in warm and sunny Southern California, the sweltering and humid South, or any region where the summers go from hot to hotter, you need climate control to help you stay cool indoors. In today’s industry, there is no better choice for homes and businesses than high-powered air conditioning. Air conditioning systems uses chemicals that convert from gas to liquid and then back again quickly to transfer heat from an indoor space to the outdoors. Air conditioning is an essential for home owners and business owners looking to maximize the comfort of all those under their roofs. However, if improperly maintained, air conditioning systems will perform at much lower levels, expending more energy to cool your space and costing you a small fortune on climate control in the warm summer months. In this guide, our experts here at 1-800-anytyme provide 5 tips to help you keep your air conditioning system is functioning optimally this summer. Read on to learn more, and contact our team to schedule an appointment with our HVAC professionals today!

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Drain Cleaning in San Diego

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

A Brief Overview of Drain Cleaning in San Diego

drain clearing in san diegoClogged drains are one of the more common plumbing problems encountered by households in San Diego and are caused by a variety of reasons.

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Fixing Dripping Faucet Leaks

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

As a resident of San Diego or the surrounding areas, you know how annoying the sound of and drain on your water bill a leaking faucet is. Assuming the cause of the drip (or stream) isn’t serious enough to require the aid of a plumbing specialist, a leaky spigot can be a fairly easy, inexpensive repair to do yourself. There are four different kinds of faucets: ball type, cartridge, ceramic disk (all washerless faucets), or compression (washer).

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Green Housewarming Gift Ideas

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

So you are invited to another housewarming party, but this time you don’t want to bring the traditional flower pot or yard gnome as a gift. Like the rest of the society you are learning the importance of living a green lifestyle and know it is time to share the knowledge. What better way then to spread the word than to get your friends an environmentally friendly housewarming gift to kick off the beginning of their new lives?

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Save Money By Switching to Energy Efficient Furnace

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Green Furnace Money

If your current furnace is malfunctioning or more than 20 years old, you should be looking into a new purchase. If you buy a new energy efficient furnace for your house, you will end up saving a lot of money on energy bills in the long run. Energy efficient furnaces are not as harmful to the environment because they require less fossil fuels to operate.

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Electrical Mistakes

Posted by: Katherine Harvey


When you are experiencing a problem with your electrical wiring, you should always call in a professional. There are always those hard-core DYI types who think they can take matters into their own hands, but when messing with electricity, you are messing with danger. There a few common mistakes experts found that people have made when tackling electrical issues on their own:

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Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

facuet-wt2Do You Realize the Importance of Consuming Purified Water Instead of Tap Water?

Tap water is filled with multiple types of impurities such as synthetic chemicals, toxic heavy metals, parasites, chlorines, chloramines, and thousands more compounds that can threaten your health. Consuming tap water on a daily basis can be devastating for your body.

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Whole House Surge Protectors

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Our lives have become utterly dependent on electrical appliances in the house. Computers, TVs, stereos, microwaves, DVD players and the like are in constant use, but as long as they’re operating right, we tend to neglect protecting them from the invisible threat of power surges.

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How to Repair a Lamp

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Rewire a Lamp or Build a New One from Scratch

Since you have mastered the underwriters’ knot you might as well use that skill to fix that lamp in the den that flickers every time your football hero son stomps through the room.

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Energy Star

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Can’t Fix it? Use the Yellow Label to Replace it.

Sometimes something just can’t be fixed. If you want your hot water hot, the ice cubes frozen, or dinner cooked it may be necessary to buy a new hot water heater, refrigerator, or stove. New appliances are expensive, and buying one, particularly when you weren’t planning to, can be an unhappy chore. However, technology has increased so dramatically in the last few years you may find that you can quickly recoup part of the purchase price through reduced energy costs.

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New Knot, New Plug

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Tie a New Knot, Replace an Old Plug

Directions for simple home repairs of the electrical variety such as replacing the plug on an cord or rewiring a lamp will usually specify using an “underwriters’ knot.”

This order is always tossed off by the writer as though we were all born knowing how to tie our shoes and had mastered the bowline by our fourth birthday. Come on! I know for a fact that even most Boy Scouts have no clue how to tie an underwriters’ knot – or even why they should. But don’t be intimidated. An underwriters’ knot is just a simple way of connecting wires. So simple it probably doesn’t qualify for even a minor merit badge.

Here is how to tie an underwriters’ knot and replace a worn out lamp plug.

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Replacing Electrical Outlets

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Banish the Two-Prong Outlet

I just kicked my three prong adapter habit; you know those little gadgets that allow a 21st Century three-prong appliance cord to be plugged into the two-prong outlets of a 20th Century house.

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Motion Sensitive Switches Add Safety & Security

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Motion-sensing lights that turn on when a car pulls into the driveway or a trick-or-treater skips down the front walk and go out a few minutes later have been used outdoors for years. They are cheap, easy to install, and are a great home accessory for safety, security and energy conservation reasons.

So why don’t we use them inside? Every family has a member who routinely fails to turn off the lights when he leaves a room or one who is too tiny to reach the switch. Stumbling around in a dark hall, especially near a stairwell, or an unfamiliar room is dangerous and they are a God-send for the handicapped or anyone whose hands are full. Read more on Motion Sensitive Switches Add Safety & Security…

How to Hire an Electrician

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Want to know what to look for in an electrician? As a homeowner, you’re responsible for all home electrical repairs. It is your responsibility that you protect yourself and those who live with you. The following electrician checklist should help provide you with valuable information about how to hire an electrician.

Outdoors In & Indoors Out

Posted by: Katherine Harvey

Spring and summertime are the finest times for projects that bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. Nowadays patio furniture is quite fashionable and a lot of pieces are attractive enough to use indoors. The cost tags are every bit as astonishing in regard to outdoor furnishings, but as compared to indoor furniture, these pieces are a dependable value.

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