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Tanked Water Heaters vs. Tankless Water Heaters

In today’s homes and businesses, there are two types of water heaters primarily used: tanked water heaters and tankless water heaters. Tanked Water Heaters are the older and more common form of water heating system which have the benefits of lower installation costs and no natural gas or circuitry changes upon installation. Tankless water heaters are a newer type of water heater that does not utilize a storage tank, giving it the benefits of energy efficiency, space efficiency, and faster water heating times. In this guide, our heating and plumbing experts here at 1-800-Anytyme provide overviews for both types of water heating systems. Read on to learn more about tanked water heaters and tankless water heaters, and contact us at 1-800-anytyme  for comprehensive water heater maintenance and installation services today!

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Why Should You Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater?

Sand Diego Tankless Water Heater Traditional water heaters provide a preset amount of water heated so that it can be used throughout the home on demand. The insulated tanks are usually covered in a solid metal casing and come in various sizes ranging from a few gallons up to 100 gallons or more. Homes with large families and several bathrooms will likely need a tank capable of holding at least 80 gallons to avoid running out of hot water on busy days when everyone is showering or bathing at approximately the same time. Having the larger tanks allows enough hot water in the reserve tank to accommodate all family members as well as other incidentals such as washing dishes or doing laundry. If the hot water that has been stored in the tank runs out the family will simply have to wait at least thirty minutes for the enormous tank to heat additional water.

A tankless water heater takes a different approach so there is no need to wait for the reserve tank to heat water. Rather than heating water and simply having it on hold until needed, the tankless water heater acts on demand and instantly heats water to the preset temperature and sends it through the pipes so there is always plenty of hot water to go around regardless of the number of people using it at once. Water being heated on the spot as needed saves households a significant amount of energy that would have been spent keeping water warm on a contingency basis. This could result in lower utility bills. Another benefit of not holding dozens of water in a metal tank is that there is no chance of leakage. When a traditional water heater ruptures, overheats, or simply gives out serious flooding could result and damage personal belongings and expensive flooring. Because the demand on a tankless water heater is not as much of a strain as traditional water heaters they typically last much longer than the expected five to ten years as their conventional counterparts.

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