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Is My Indoor Air Quality Worse Than My Outdoor Air Quality?

With the rise of industrialization and urbanization, air quality has become an ever-growing concern across the world. Outside, emissions from manufacturing plants, automobiles and other manmade sources have contributed to small but significant changes in the chemical composition of the air in many developed and developing regions. However, air quality is not just an outdoor issue, your indoor air quality is likely significantly worse than the outdoor air quality. Indoors, a number of factors can contribute to poor air quality, which can in turn contribute to a number of human health issues. In this guide, our experts at 1-800-anytyme discuss indoor quality — how it’s affected and contaminated, the risks it can pose to your health, and steps property owners can take to mitigate that risk. We use also provide information on our very own professional indoor air quality services available to homes and businesses in the greater San Diego, CA area. Read on to learn more, and contact our team today!

Is My Indoor Air Quality Worse Than My Outdoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality: The Truth

While we often think of air quality as an outdoor issue, the truth is that the air inside our buildings can be just as bad, if not worse than the air outside. As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports: “In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.” Furthermore, as most people spend the bulk of their time indoors, it is indoor quality, not outdoor quality, that has the larger influence on human health. Keep reading to learn about the many factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality in the following section.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Poor indoor air quality is the result of microscopic contaminants in an indoor air supply. These contaminants include a host of synthetic chemicals, molds, bacteria, dust, burnt material, and many other substances. They can come from a number of sources, including:

  • Fuel-burning combustion appliances, such as stoves, grills, furnaces, water heaters and fireplaces
  • Tobacco products
  • Building materials and furnishings—including asbestos insulation, newly installed flooring, carpet, or upholstery; and cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products
  • Chemical products for household cleaning and maintenance, personal care, or hobbies
  • Central heating and cooling systems and humidification devices; namely those that are not regularly cleaned
  • Excess moisture
  • Outdoor sources such as radon, pesticides, and general outdoor air pollution

Can I Measure My Own Indoor Air Quality?

When inside your own home or workplace, it can be difficult to determine the quality of your air with no mechanical assistance. In fact, many families and business go years without realizing that the air inside their buildings is contaminated to a degree that can cause health problems. In recent years, technology has been designed so that we can track our indoor air quality for a reasonably priced device and an easily accessible app. For $130 – $260, you can purchase an air quality monitor, this small device is placed in the environment you wish to measure. Accurate, live data is then transmitted to your phone, allowing you to keep track of the air quality, particulate matter, temperature, humidity and chemical pollutants in your home or business.

How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Now that you know the quality of your air, what can you do to improve your indoor air quality? Whether you have received less-than-desirable results from your air quality monitor or you are simply trying to preserve your indoor air, there are a number steps you can take to ensure that you have the highest indoor air quality possible.

What you need:

  • An electronic air filter
  • An air scrubber
  • A clean duct system

The electronic air filter, in addition to catching particulates too large to pass through the filter material, the filter media is also electronically charged attracting smaller particulates to stick to it, making the whole system even more effective.

The air scrubber uses a process called photo-catalytic-oxidation to clump smaller particulates together. This means that the microscopic particulates which got through the electronic filter, once they reach the air scrubber are clumped together, becoming larger particulates, allowing the particulates to get caught in the electronic air filter the second time they cycle through your environment.

Furthermore, the air scrubber will render the remaining air contaminants inactive, killing mold, odors and other harmful substances. Not only will clean air be returned to your environment, but it will also transform the contaminants into oxidizers which are returned to the air

to seek out contaminants, destroying and sanitizing the surfaces in your home or business.

For the electronic air filter and air scrubber to be most effective, you need a clean duct system. The commonly used flexible duct systems today are structured in a way that is not very accessible for cleaning purposes. Therefore, the best solution is installing a new closed duct system with the electronic air filter and air scrubber so that the duct system never gets contaminated in the first place.

Together, these three components can create a significant positive change to the indoor air quality of your environment. Call us today to discuss improving the air quality in your home or business. Here at 1-800-anytyme, we proudly offer fast, affordable, and effective installation and replacement services for air filters, air scrubbers and duct systems. If you live in the greater San Diego, CA, there is no better indoor air quality team to call. You can check out all of our cooling services.

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How to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

In the cold winter months, our heaters have to work overtime to keep our properties climate controlled — and in many cases, they work harder than they should have to. Improper insulation, irregular system maintenance, and general inattentiveness to cracks, corrosion, and broken fixtures on your property can all contribute increased energy costs and heightened heat bills over the winter. By taking extra steps to keep your home or business insulated and energy-efficient, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on energy costs. In this guide, our heating professionals at 1-800-Anytyme will show you how. Read for tips and advice on your can lower your heating bill this winter, and contact our San Diego, CA residential and commercial heating team at 760-477-2222 today!

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Get the Purified Air You Deserve

How Does an Air Purifier Work?


Air purifier’s are something that quite a few people choose to have in their home, but there are still many other people that may wonder how does an air purifier work, or what are the benefits of having an air purifier in the home.

The Different Types Of Air Purifiers

There are three major different types of air purifiers. The first is a filter purifier which uses a filter that is part of the heating and cooling system in a person’s home.

Particles that are too big to pass through stick to the filter and they become trapped there and in that way only the clean air is allowed to continue to circulate in the home.Ozone is the second type of popular air filter. It is thought that O-Zone can take away the bad particles that are in the air and an ozone machine basically sends Ozone out, and it floats around and eliminates any negative air particles that are found in the home.The third type of air purifier is an ionic air purifier. They ionic air purifier uses two metal plates that have a negative and a positive charge the purifier creates an electronic field and they basically draw in the air particles from the air and they are not allowed to continue to circulate in the home.How Is An Air Purifier Beneficial To The Family

The reason that air purifier can be something that are very beneficial to a family is because they can catch things in the air that can cause
members of the family to have very severe allergies to things such as dust, dust mites, dander from pets, and other allergens that can cause severe health problems to a person. When a person has an air purifier in their home, then their air is constantly being cleaned and in that way they are sure that their families are breathing in air that is pure.

How To Get An Air Purifier

It is very important to only use an air purifier that is very high-quality. It is good to know that there are many HVAC companies that have professionals that are able to not only help a family to find the best air purifier for their home.

They can safely, easily, and affordably place the air purifier in the home and they can make frequent checkups on the air purifier to make sure that it is in good working order.
Since the air we breathe is so important to our everyday life, it is worth the time and effort to investigate a good company that can come in and install a safe and effective air purifier in your home.

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Heating Your Home Properly Requires the Right Size Furnace

What Is The Importance Of A Properly Sized Furnace System?


Vista HeatingWhat Are The Benefits?

When you’re choosing to install an HVAC unit in your home, you must make sure that the system is properly sized for your specific home. The benefits of having the right sized unit for your home, is that it will properly cool and heat the home during the cold and warm weather.

The only reason that a central system is placed in a home, is so the entire home can be heated or cooled properly.

You always want your home to be comfortable, especially if you spent a lot of time in the home. Having the right sized furnace system is imperative, especially if you want your home to be comfortable, during extreme weather.

What Are The Drawbacks Of The Wrong Sized Unit?

If you have the wrong sized unit installed in your home, then it may not be something that you recognize right away. Typically, most people will have their units professionally installed, and as long as it works, they think everything is fine.

If a unit is oversized for the home, it may cool the home less often, meaning that the inside of the home may stay hot, muggy, and humid. An extremely humid home can be very bad, especially during the hot summer months.

HVAC systems need to cool or heat the home as necessary. If the system is not doing its job properly, or if it takes longer to run it, in order for it to cool or heat the home, then you’re losing money.

If the system is oversized, you’ll have to run the AC much longer in the summer months, in order to cool the home properly. In the winter months, you’ll have to run the heat much longer as well, and this will cost extra money on the monthly bill.

Will I Save Money?

Installing the right sized furnace system in your home can help you to save money. When you’re not excessively running the heat or A/C, in order to cool or heat your home, you can easily save on your monthly bill.

If you install a new HVAC system, the unit can easily conserve energy by using less, so you’ll save money that way as well.

In order to install the right sized furnace system into your home, make sure the contractor doesn’t base the size of the system, on the home’s square footage only.

Are you looking for the right furnace size for your Vista home? 1-800-Anytime can help, just Call (760) 477-2222, to get reliable service from the professionals.

The Benefits of Timely Repairs on Your Furnace

Furnace Problems and Advantages of Timely Repairs


Vista HeatingWhen you are experiencing furnace problems in your home, you need to make sure you know why they are happening. You want to have a basic working knowledge of the unit so that you can make decisions about how to handle the situation.

Most HVAC technicians will be able to solve these problems for you quickly, and they will help you get the heat going in your home again.

Common Problems

When you are dealing with a furnace, you need to remember that they all run into some fairly common issues. You will notice each of these problems on your own, but you will need to make sure an HVAC technician handles them for you.

  • Loud noises when the unit is running
  • Cold air coming through the vents
  • Dimming of the lights when unit is on
  • Unusually high gas usage

These are all issues that you can observe on your own. However, you cannot solve these problems on your own. You need to make sure that you have a professional technician come to the house and deal with these issues for you. The repairs usually do not take that long, and they need to be done as soon as you notice the problem.

Benefits Of Timely Repairs

Furnace RepairYou must get timely repairs done so that your furnace does not get worse. Solving the problem now will help you have heat in the house immediately.

Also, this will help you decide how much life is left on the furnace. Your technician can tell you the true state of the unit so that you can decide to repair or replace the unit as you see fit.

When you are trying to keep your furnace running all during the winter, you need to make sure you follow the steps listed above. Each step shows how your furnace can be maintained, and these same steps allow you to get the furnace fixed before it gets out of control.

If you are observing issues in your home, you can get them solved today with the help of an HVAC technician.

Is it time for your furnace in your Vista home to be repaired? We can help, Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222 today, and get your furnace back to its working order.

Changing Your Air Filter Will Save You Money

The Importance of Replacing Air Filters


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
units (HVAC) need regular maintenance in order to operate in an efficient and effective manner. In order to do so proper care has to be conducted to make sure that the units are in operating order and that they are not in need of replacement or service.

While many people hear this and think that they may need to upgrade their HVAC units in total, sometimes the little changes are most effective such as checking and changing filters on a regular and timely basis.

This article will provide some insight into these little fixes and how to handle having your filters in your HVAC units changed regularly and how often they should be changed.

Why Should My HVAC Filters Be Changed?

HVAC units that are clogged or that don’t have new filters can become very inefficient which can put stress on your HVAC system and lead to damage to the unit. While this is typically not significant damage, the more noticeable problem is that your system may become very inefficient and subject to increased heating and cooling costs as well.

Air Filter ReplacementHow Often Should My HVAC Units Be Changed?

While many people would recommend that you should have your HVAC filters inspected and changed at least once a year, the answer is definitely more complicated than that.

Since there are many different types of HVAC units with various filter sizes and placement the requires can vary significantly between different units. Start by understanding where your HVAC units are installed and the level of use and filth that they filter out.

Units that are located outdoors are more susceptible to needing replacement more frequently. This is because debris is more common. Sometimes simple fixes can reduce the amount of debris that will accumulate in your filter such as clearing the surrounding area and making sure that it is free from branches and bushes.

Indoor filters are less susceptible to dirt, at least in most residential homes, unless there is an antiquated HVAC unit, and can therefore be changed less frequently.

Is your Vista HVAC system working properly? Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222, to get more information on why you should change your air filter.

How a Thermostat Upgrade Can Save Money!

Thermostat Upgrade


Vista HeatingHow Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work? 

A thermostat is an essential part of any home infrastructure. The use of a thermostat can help the homeowner make sure their home has been cooled or warmed to their specific needs. All homes have thermostats in order to accomplish this vitally important task.

Today’s homeowners also have the opportunity to purchase a new kind of thermostat, one that allows them to make significant changes to the way they heat or cool their homes. The use of a wi-fi thermostat can offer significant savings and detailed control of heating and cooling systems. This is why it may make sense for many homeowners to purchase one.

How They Work

A wi-fi thermostat is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a detailed control of a home’s climate control systems. When installed, the wi-fi system carefully regulates when the home’s heating and cooling systems are turned on.

This can be done while in front of the thermostat. It can also be done when the homeowner is not even home. A wi-fi thermostat allows the owner of the home to make changes in the heating or cooling system of his house using only a smartphone or a computer. The homeowner does not need to be physically present in order to adjust the device directly.

Saving Money

Thermostat UpgadeHeating or cooling a home can be costly. Many people find their utility bills can be higher than expected, especially when it is particularly hot or cold outside. The wi-fi thermostat allows the homeowner to avoid heating or cooling their home when they are not using it. This means they can save money on fuel costs when they are not using the home. It also allows the house heating systems to come on at a precise time.

A homeowner may realize they always get home at the same time each day. They can program the wi-fi thermostat to start warming up the house a half an hour before they get home and then turn off the heat right after they leave for work.

Many people this helps them save money on their energy costs. They also find that it allows them to adjust the systems in case of an unexpected event. Someone who owns a vacation home need not visit the home to make sure the home’s pipes are bursting in the event of a sudden ice storm.

Wanna save money in your Vista home? Don’t wait, and Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222 today, and get information on how to get a thermostat upgrade.

Heating & Cooling Companies: What You Need to Know

What To Look For When Hiring a Heating & Cooling Company


Vista HVACWhen a person’s heating or air conditioning system stops working, there is usually a brief moment of panic and then it’s on to finding the right person to fix the problem. However, there are some things to consider before you hire a heating and cooling company out of the phone book or off of the internet. Starting with the basics such as their license, experience, and insurance that as a consumer should be researched and verified before giving out your phone number and address.

HVAC License

Unlike a regular business license provided by a city and state, the HVAC license is a specialty license that is only granted after certain criteria has been satisfied. While the criteria in each state is different the foundation of the license would being with proper training at a state accredited institution, a formal period of apprenticeship under a licensed contractor, passing a state approved exam and paying a fee. Additionally, for the different types of systems there are different types of licenses. For example, a license to work on a single family home’s HVAC system is not the same license to work on a high rise building. So ensure your hired HVAC contractor has a valid license through your state for the type of work they will be doing for you.

The Right Experience

HVAC ServicesJust as finding the right person with the right license is important, so is finding the person with the right experience to fix the problem the first time. While it is not that uncommon to find HVAC contractors with decades of experience, this is not the same as having the right experience. For instance a person with 30 years of refrigeration experience might not be the right choice for fixing a heating system in a commercial building and vice versa. Also, ensure your contractor has the most up to date experience necessary to perform the work. Just as many technologies have changed with cell phones, the technology in HVAC has also changed.


In any business there is a chance of things going wrong, and is the reason for having insurance. This can be true for HVAC contractors as well. A mistake in this industry could result in something minor like damaging the lawn to major such as burning down a house. Having liability insurance or being bonded will ensure that any mistakes or errors that cause damage to you or your property will be fixed, replaced or at least reimbursed. The level of bond or insurance required will differ in each state very similar to licensing. So find out what the bond or insurance requirements are for your state and ask for proof of that insurance prior to letting your HVAC contractor start the work.

By ensuring your HVAC contractor has the right license, the right experience, and the proper insurance will show your contractor you are serious about the quality you expect. It will also ensure that your HVAC system repair will go smoothly and may prevent you from having to call multiple contractors out for the same issue. Because when your air conditioning system breaks in the middle of summer, the last thing you would want is to not have it fixed right the first time.

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Ways to make sure you’re ready for the winter

7 Recommended Pre-Winter Heating & Cooling Services


Vista Heating MaintenanceThe steps listed below will prepare your home heating and cooling system for winter. They are helpful and cost saving steps to make any home safe and warm for the cold season. Timing is important. Those who wait until after winter arrives will have a far greater difficulty in getting serviced. The HVAC pre-season service professionals should perform the following steps:

1. Check electrical connections to make sure of good power flow. Wires tend to move over time and resist bending. To overcome this tendency, one must inspect connections to ensure they are sound and that current passes without arcing or interruption. The services should include a visual inspection of wires to detect dark ends or signs of excessive heat. It should test that connections are solid and wires are secured to terminals or connectors.

2. Test voltage to make sure that the current flow meets requirements. For 110 volt systems and 220 volt systems, meter readings should match the needed voltage and amperage.

3. Lubricate moving parts to make sure that parts function properly and are not bound or restricted; check for excessive noise and vibration.

4. Ensure the condensation drain isn’t clogged and will allow water build-ups to flow away from the machinery. Clogged drains can interfere with the machinery and also cause damage to surrounding surfaces if water seeps through walls, ceilings and floors.

Vista Heating Tune Up5. Check start up and shutdown controls for effective operation; parts and connections can deteriorate over time, and interfere with smooth operation of the heat sensors, control contacts, and electronic clock and calendars.

6. Clean or replace the air filter on a monthly basis. The machine must take in air in order to exchange heat and clogged filters reduce the efficiency and increase costs of operation. Inspect exhaust outlets and all vents and ducts. Blockages can interfere with the function and cause excessive wear and costs.

7. Check fuel lines for leaks, inspect burners for clean burning, and examine heat exchangers for solid connections.

During the late summer or early autumn, homeowners and building owners should schedule a full professional inspection and tuneup. The timing is important for three reasons, first, to avoid the rush that comes after the first cold snap in a given area. Second, to ensure that the heating system is ready for cold weather which is unpredictable and can happen earlier or later than expected. Third, to take advantage of pre-season prices. Once cold weather hits, owners can encounter short supplies of technicians, services, and parts.

Is your HVAC unit ready for the winter? Make sure it is by calling 1-800-AnyTyme at (760) 477-2222 and scheduling a service call today!

How should I choose an HVAC technician?

How To Choose An HVAC Contractor


HVACChoosing an HVAC contractor is an exercise in making sure that you get the right services for your home. You may not fully understand the air system in your home, but you need to have someone on your side who can help. The services that are offered by a quality HVAC contractor are varied, and you must make sure you can get them all in one package.

Regular Services

You need regular services for your units because they tend to break down when you are not using them. When our crews come to your home, they will open every unit, check the unit for defaults, change the filters and inform you of any problems in the system. This is time when we can catch small problems before they get out of control. You cannot keep money in your wallet if you are leaving repairs undone.

Repair Services

When you turn on your air or heat and do not get good results, you need to have the system repaired before the problem grows. We can repair a multitude of HVAC problems quickly so you do not have to go without conditioned air in the your home. Our repair crews can make quick work of most repairs, and we carry many of the required parts for common repairs on your trucks.

You Can Inspect The House

The best HVAC contractor works with you to make sure that your home is always in good working order. If you notice problems in your home, you can alert us to the issue. We will take the information you give us under advisement, and we will use that information to more quickly diagnose the problems in the house. We value your input, and we rely on it because you are in the house every day.

When you are choosing the right HVAC contractor, they must be willing to work with you on all the HVAC problems in your home. We cannot function without your help, and we only repair the things that are broken. This symbiotic relationship keeps your family comfortable all year long.

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What are the benefits of having a programmable thermostat?

Benefits of A Programmable Thermostat


Programmable ThermostatProgrammable thermostats are growing in popularity because of the many benefits and advantages that they offer over regular thermostats. Some of these advantages include the savings in energy and being able to schedule temperature changes even when you aren’t around. These are just a few of the many benefits that come along with a programmable thermostats. Having a programmable thermostat goes a long way in making home owners much happier because your thermostat will already be pre-programed to suit your desired level of comfort. This makes home life much more easier and enjoyable.

Energy savings is one of the biggest advantages of a programmable thermostat. These thermostats are more efficient and accurate than normal thermostats which help in saving energy. This in turn helps save money on utility. The return on investment with a programmable thermostat can save home owners $150 annually. Even with the higher priced programmable thermostats, the money saved within a year or two’s time can offset the initial price. They are even better for the environment as they contain no mercury, making them eco-friendly. This use of less energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so this thermostat would even be great for the more environmentally conscious.

Now on to the main attraction of the programmable thermostat, and that is the programming itself. The majority of people have their daily schedules that keep them very busy and this thermostat is made just for that. You can program the thermostat to adjust based around your schedule. You can have the temperature change to whatever you want during different times of the day and night. If you like it cooler when you sleep and warmer when you awake, you can have just that. And you’re not limited to one schedule as most programmable thermostats have a seven-day programming ability so you can have a different setting for every day of the week. These thermostats even have ventilation programmed into the settings so you can even have fresh air when you need it.

These are a few benefits of having a programmable thermostat. The energy saving and programming features are enough to make them worth the investment. This thermostat can be a great added benefit to any home.

Considering installing a programmable thermostat in your San Diego home? Call 1-800-AnyTyme today at (760) 477-2222 for the best services around! 

What happens if I don’t change my air filter?

The Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter in a Timely Manner


Air FilterWhile it seems incredibly easy, few individuals actually change our their air filter on a timely manor. In fact, most individuals seem to stretch out the air filter for as long as possible. The air filter, after all, is just a small insert that sits next to the furnace and AC unit, so what is the big deal about this blue, fuzzy obtect? Well, the big deal is that changing it once a month is not only going to improve the air quality inside of the house, but it also is going to reduce the amount of money you have to pay on monthly utility bills.

As the air filter starts to collect dust, dirt and other debris, two different things are going to happen. First, some of this debris is going to start passing through the filter. This is then sent directly into the airflow and out through the vents. This is the air you are breathing, so should individuals inside of the house suffer from allergies, especially to dust, the reduce air quality is going to significantly hinder them while inside of the house. For someone who is allergic to pets, as long as the pets are not properly cared for in terms of their hair and dander, this danger and hair is going to make its way into every single room of the house because of the air flow, which is not good.

The second issue that occurs is your furnace and AC unit have to now work harder than ever before. With the dust blocking up the air flow, the furnace and other equipment have to work twice as hard in order to send the treated air through the vents. By working harder, your utility bills can go up drastically, all costing you more money than necessary. All of this can be avoided by simply changing out your filters. The filters are going to have an exact timeline for how long it is able to last inside of your furnace. You need to always follow this timeline, otherwise your entire house is going to suffer, including everyone living inside of it.

Looking for an air filter installation in the San Diego area? Contact 1-800-AnyTyme at 760-477-2222 for quick and reliable services.

Where can I find the right HVAC contractor for me?

How to Make Sure You’re Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor


San Diego HVACThe HVAC system is an indispensable part of your house. Without it, your house would become freezing cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer. How would you be able to live, work and have fun there? For that reason, the particular HVAC contractor whom you hire will make a big difference in the long run in what it costs to get things up and running again.

In order to make sure that something like this does not happen to you, you will need to do your homework on any HVAC contractor with whom you intend to do business. The sections that follow will tell you for what you should look in a contractor.

The Better Business BureauThe first thing to do is to contact the old reliable Triple B. On the website you can find out what the contractor’s reputation is and how long he or she has been in business. If a given contractor has a long history of complaints, then steer clear of that one! Eventually, you should have narrowed your list of prospective contractors to just three, and the next step is to get references from friends who have also used their services and also find out about their financial policies.

What exactly are your needs? Each of us has his or her own needs when it comes to HVAC. Figure out what yours are. For instance, are you looking to install new equipment? If so, research HVAC systems as thoroughly as you can. Knowing what type of service you need is the crucial thing.

Are you in need of a HVAC contractor in the San Diego area? Call 1-800-AnyTyme at 760-477-2222 and schedule a service call today!

How often should I have my heater checked out?

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up


HeaterHomeowners that are experiencing problems with their heating units may have to seek the services of a professional in order to remedy the problem. There are many parts that make up a heating unit, and many of those parts require special experience, or tools, in order to replace. It is not financially beneficial for a homeowner to try to service their heat unit themselves. Instead, they should hire someone that has the experience and ability to quickly diagnose, and repair, a homeowner’s unit. Homeowners can help to point the professionals in the right direction, though. They can look for the telltale signs that a heating unit is starting to perform poorly. If they do this they may be able to catch a small, and inexpensive, problem before it escalates to a full blown disaster.

A heating unit that turns on and then shuts off continuously should be serviced. This is known as ‘short cycling’ and it often means that there is something wrong with the control board on the heating unit. The fan motor of the heating unit will turn cycle on and off while it tries to heat the home. If left undiagnosed this problem could overload the furnace’s blower motor since the blower motor is being put under, and off of, a power load frequently. It also will increase the homeowner’s electric bill since the fan motor will be on more than normal.

A heating unit that is not heating at all should be looked at immediately. A lack of heat is a sure fire sign that there is something wrong with the unit. It could be something as small as a faulty thermostat, or it could be something as major as a heat exchanger. By catching a lack of heating problem in a home early a homeowner could prevent possible destruction of their property via an explosion from a gas leak.

Many of these problems could have been avoided if a homeowner were to have a qualified technician perform an annual tune up on their heating unit. This routine maintenance will extend the life of a person’s heating unit so that they can get the most efficient method of heating for their money.

Are you looking for a heating contractor in the San Diego area? Call 1-800-AnyTyme at 760-477-2222 and get started today!

How often does my heating unit need a tune up?

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up


San Diego HeatingWhen you became a homeowner you became the go-to guy for when issues start to crop up in your building. Whether it is the plumbing acting up, a leak in the roof, or issues with your heating unit, they all need to be taken care of immediately. Fortunately for the intrepid homeowner there are many signs out there that can be seen to signal that a heating unit needs to be repaired. For many people their primary heating unit will be their furnace and, as such, we will focus primarily on furnace related issues. Let’s take a look at what sort of signs to look out for.

When you notice that your heating unit is turning on and off at random intervals, not directly relating to the set temperatures, it may be time to investigate just what is going on with the unit. Once you are near the furnace it is time to take stock of what the room looks like. Do you see a dirty machine? if your furnace is covered in dust, debris, and dirt the issue might be pertaining to the cleanliness of the room. While you are there you can look for other possible symptoms of a failing heating unit. Is the pilot light yellow? If you do you know that there is an issue there. A healthy pilot light should be blue. Other symptoms that show your heating unit needs a tune up include cold spots in your home. Are some rooms warmer than others? Are some rooms simply cold? This could mean that your furnace is not operating efficiently or that there are parts of your furnaces ducting system that are not working properly.

As you can see there are many little signs that can manifest themselves to show that a heating unit might need a tune up. By knowing what signs to look you can make sure that your heating unit gets serviced in a timely manner and that you will not be forced to deal with these intermittent issues. Any professional HVAC company should be able to help you with your furnace.


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