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The Real Solution to Your Smelly Garbage Disposal

Does your garbage disposal smell like, well, garbage? This relatively common issue is one that no homeowner should have to put up with. Garbage disposals are supposed to do away with food and other organic materials. They are not, however, supposed to retain the smell of refuse or sewage.

Read on to learn more about what causes a smelly garbage disposal, and what you can do to solve and prevent it from happening again in the future.

What Does a Garbage Disposal Do?

A garbage disposal unit is a small machine typically found between the drain and the piping in a kitchen sink. Garbage disposals garbage disposalare designed to shred food waste and other organic matter into super small pieces. Doing so enables these disposal materials to easily flow through pipes, thus greatly reducing the risk of clogs.

Though garbage disposals are used to break food and other organic materials homeowners should not intentionally throw these materials down their garbage disposals. Contrary to popular belief, garbage disposals are not made for this purpose. Instead, they are designed as a last line of defense to prevent clogging due to materials that may have accidentally gone down the drain.

To ensure that your garbage disposal is working the way it’s supposed to, we recommend running it regularly and avoid intentionally throwing food or other organic matter down it. You’ll also want to run your disposal with running cold water. Cold water solidifies any grease or oils, enabling your garbage disposal to grind them into smaller bits.

What Causes a Smelly Garbage Disposal?

Even with proper maintenance, garbage disposals can have issues. One of the most common and frustrating of these issues is odor. Often, an unpleasant (and seemingly inexplicable) smell will emanate from a kitchen garbage disposal. This smell can have several sources, all of which can be dealt with relatively easily.

Here are the three primary causes of a smelly garbage disposal:

  • A Garbage Disposal Clog: While many homeowners may have clogs pinned as the primary culprits for garbage disposal odor, the fact is that clogged disposals are rarely to blame for that mystery smell emanating from the sink. Clogs simply don’t occur that often, and when they do, they are easily identifiable—thus, no mystery smell.
  • Biofilm Buildup on Pipes: Beneath your drain, your garbage disposal is connected to a series of pipes that send water through your septic system and out into the municipal sewer. Often, biofilm (residue from organic matter) can build up on the insides of these pipes. When an unpleasant smell starts to emanate from a garbage disposal, it’s often due to biofilm buildup on the pipe directly below garbage disposal itself. This pipe connects the garbage disposal to the p-trap. The p-trap serves to block odor from reaching the drain, but it can’t block odor on a pipe that’s located between it and the drain, which is why biofilm buildup on this specific pipe is a common problem.
  • P-Trap Problems: If biofilm buildup is not to blame for a smelly garbage disposal, then there is likely a p-trap problem at play. The p-trap is a curved pipe underneath a kitchen sink that traps water once the tap stops running. This water serves as a barrier to block odor and gas from sewer pipes from reaching the drain. However, p-traps have leaks or haven’t had water cycled through them in awhile won’t perform this function properly. To stop the smell, the p-trap must be filled with water.

To identify which of these problems may be the source of your smelly garbage disposal, we recommend using the solutions provided in the sections below. Begin by exploring the possibility of a clog, then move to biofilm buildup, and finally to potential p-trap problems. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to hire a professional in your area.

Solving Your Smelly Garbage Disposal: What Works and What Doesn’t

Never fear: The culprits behind garbage disposal odor are all fairly easy to take care of. In this section, we explore solutions to the three most common sources of garbage disposal odor mentioned above.

  • Clearing a Garbage Disposal Clog: If you’ve determined that a simple garbage disposal clog is to blame for the unpleasant smell coming from your drain, you’ll first want to turn off the disposal and shut off the power. Use a flashlight to inspect the clog, and then use pliers, a long dowel, or another appropriate tool to dislodge the clog. Don’t use common drain-cleaning chemicals to unclog your garbage disposal, as many of these are highly corrosive and may damage rubber or plastic parts. Wait 15 minutes for the motor of your garbage disposal to cool, then run your disposal with flowing water.
  • Eliminating Biofilm Buildup on Pipes: Is biofilm buildup on the pipe below your drain to blame for your smelly garbage disposal? Follow these steps to get rid of this odor-causing intruder:
    1. Take the cover off of the sink drain so you can clearly see into the drain pipe.
    2. Use a non-corrosive bacteria waste eliminator to eat away the biofilm buildup on your pipe. Follow directions on packaging clearly.
    3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water until the entire drain is perfectly clean.smelly garbage disposal
  • Solving P-Trap Problems: If unclogging and cleaning with a non-corrosive bacteria waste eliminator don’t solve your garbage disposal odor problem, there’s only one place left to turn: the p-trap. If your p-trap isn’t holding water, it isn’t blocking odor. Sometimes, this occurs simply because you haven’t used your faucet in a while. Run the water for a minute or two and see if the odor goes away. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to inspect your p-trap for a leak. If there is no leak to be found, there may be a vacuum caused by other pipes in your home that is sucking water out of your p-trap. In this case (and in other cases where the source of the odor cannot be identified), it’s time to hire a professional.

“Solutions” to Avoid

There are a number of DIY “solutions” that many homeowners use to get rid of garbage disposal odor or fix clogs. The vast majority of these “solutions” are ineffective, or worse, damaging. As mentioned above, using common drain-cleaning chemicals to unclog your garbage disposal is a bad idea, as these chemicals can corrode your garbage disposal’s hardware. Another garbage disposal cleaning “solution” to avoid include is the use of citrus fruit to clean blades. The highly acidic juice of citrus fruits may dissolve some buildup, but it will also corrode your blades.

Professional Plumbing Solutions at 1-800-anytyme

If you have a smelly garbage disposal that you just can’t fix, it’s a good idea to hire a plumber to help you find a solution. Professional plumbing teams like ours here at 1-800-anytyme use advanced tools and technology to inspect plumbing systems and stop unwanted odors at their source. We have decades of experience dealing with garbage disposals and plumbing configurations of all shapes and sizes. In addition to our troubleshooting and cleaning services, we also offer garbage disposal repairs and full-scale garbage disposal replacements to properties across the greater San Diego area. I’ve you’ve got a garbage disposal problem, there is no better team to call.

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No More Problems with a Garbage Disposal

Top Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Vista PlumberHaving a garbage disposal in your home can really simplify things in your kitchen. There are many reasons to install a system like this and they encompass everything from environmental reasons to keeping your home more clean, and allows for easier clean up.

Management of Your Food Waste

One of the great things about a garbage disposal is that they make clean up a breeze. Whatever you do not eat from your meals can be placed in the garbage disposal and remain out of sight.

This reduces how much trash you have in your home and will greatly reduce the smell from that trash can. You can quickly and easily remove the food waste in your home through the garbage disposal.

However, you must keep in mind that there are things that cannot be put down the disposal. Another reason to get a garbage disposal is that you can refresh them if they start to smell with some lemon juice. If that does not work, you will want to call a professional plumber.

Help The Environment

By using a garbage disposal in your home, you are essentially eliminating waste from the environment and landfills. Almost 20 percent of waste in these areas is food waste. That is a lot of food that has simply been thrown out. The use of a garbage disposal reduces this amount by processing the food and eliminating it from your home.

This allows more food to be used as fertilizer, which also helps the environment. This creates a renewable energy that you are not simply wasting by throwing it in the trash can. Using a garbage disposal does not only help you, but it helps the environment as a whole, especially since the cost of using a garbage disposal is much less than that of processing the food simply thrown away.

Keep Your Plumbing System Protected and Managed

Another big benefit of a garbage disposal system in your home is that the more often it is used, the more often it can clean out the clogs in Vista Garbage Disposal Servicesyour pipes.

This keeps them working properly and avoids any problems with your plumbing system. The garbage disposal will save money for you in the long run if used properly and regularly.

Call your local plumber to have a system installed in your home. As you can see,there are many benefits of using the system, not only for you and your home, but also for the environment.

Smelling a stink in the sink in your Vista home? That means you need a garbage disposal, just Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222, and have an expert install one today!


Bad Odor in the Kitchen? Check Your Disposal

Garbage Disposal Odor Issues


Vista PlumberGarbage Disposal: My Disposer Smells Really Bad

When you smell some horrific odors coming from your garbage disposal, there can be many things that can cause it. You first should start off by ensuring that the seals on the garbage disposal are clean. If these seals brim of black mold, this could be the cause of the offensive smell.

Also be sure that the sink strainer does not have old food particles lingering on it. If these simple measures do not rid the odor completely, a plumber may need to be called for professional cleaning or replacement.

What Can a Plumber Do To Get Rid Of It?

If you already tried grinding up a lemon peel or pouring down baking soda with vinegar and the foul smell still exists, there could be some other issues going on with the garbage disposal.

This device could be damaged which is causing the garbage disposal to fail. There could also be a severe blockage going on with the disposal, therefore it may require a thorough cleaning done by a professional plumber.

However if garbage disposal replacement is needed, you may wish the plumber to suggest which type of unit will suit your home the best and its requirements. You should also determine if there are any specific job functions that you wish the garbage disposal to handle.

Garbage DisposalWhat Shouldn’t I Put Into My Disposer?

Once simple rule to follow but unfortunately still happens every now and then, is to never leave any food hanging on the disposal. When food remains for a lengthy period, it will naturally grow old and lead to decomposing.

Never, ever place any plastic, metal or glass items down inside the garbage disposal as this only leads to more horrible odors. While many vegetables are great for the human body, the garbage disposal does not take too kindly to them.

Vegetables like celery and asparagus tend to be thin and straggly, leading to all kinds of clogged disposals. The stringy portion of the vegetable can become wrapped within the disposal unit. Also be sure that those little stickers placed on vegetables and fruits avoid contact with a garbage disposal.

Rice and some types of pasta can also be troublesome which eventually leads to drain clogging. Egg shells are another food that must not come in contact with the garbage disposal.

Is your garbage disposal clogged and smelling up your Vista kitchen? No need to wait, Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222 and get the right plumbing services you need.

What are the benefits of having a garbage disposal?

Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your Home


Garbage DisposalI don’t think it’s over dramatic to say that not too many people like garbage. It smells, it gets in the way, and it can be a real hassle. However, it is always going to exist and we are always going to have it in our lives, whether we like it or not. If it is not disposed of properly, we can be in for a world of hurt in terms of the plumbing and clogged drains. After that, you have to hire a plumber, get it fixed, and it can cost quite a bit of money. That is why homeowners, old and new, are realizing the importance of a garbage disposal and having one installed in their home.

It saves the homeowner so much time and so much hassle. Sometimes there are foods that are difficult to break down and hard to get rid of in our homes. We don’t have room for them in our garbage bags as they might leak and cause the bag to rip and have garbage all over the place. We also can’t put them down the drain as they will clog the drain and put the homeowners in a really bad place. That is where a garbage disposal comes in. It can break down those tough foods and process them so they go down the drain with relative ease. A garbage disposal shreds the food so that you don’t have to worry a single second about any issues with clogged drains or damaged pipes.

That is why every smart homeowner either owns a garbage disposal or is considering buying one as soon as they move into their new place. It is a wise investment and it is something that you simply cannot pass up. It is also safer and better for the environment. As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this device and it truly makes sense to get one. They are also supremely affordable and end up saving you money in the long run. Now is the time to get one before it is too late and the damage is already done.

Are you interested in installing a garbage disposal in your San Diego home? Call 1-800-AnyTyme at 760-477-2222 and get started today!