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Changing Your Air Filter Will Save You Money

The Importance of Replacing Air Filters


Vista HeatingHeating, ventilation and air conditioning units (HVAC) need regular maintenance in order to operate in an efficient and effective manner. In order to do so proper care has to be conducted to make sure that the units are in operating order and that they are not in need of replacement or service.

While many people hear this and think that they may need to upgrade their HVAC units in total, sometimes the little changes are most effective such as checking and changing filters on a regular and timely basis.

This article will provide some insight into these little fixes and how to handle having your filters in your HVAC units changed regularly and how often they should be changed.

Why Should My HVAC Filters Be Changed?

HVAC units that are clogged or that don’t have new filters can become very inefficient which can put stress on your HVAC system and lead to damage to the unit. While this is typically not significant damage, the more noticeable problem is that your system may become very inefficient and subject to increased heating and cooling costs as well.

Air Filter ReplacementHow Often Should My HVAC Units Be Changed?

While many people would recommend that you should have your HVAC filters inspected and changed at least once a year, the answer is definitely more complicated than that.

Since there are many different types of HVAC units with various filter sizes and placement the requires can vary significantly between different units. Start by understanding where your HVAC units are installed and the level of use and filth that they filter out.

Units that are located outdoors are more susceptible to needing replacement more frequently. This is because debris is more common. Sometimes simple fixes can reduce the amount of debris that will accumulate in your filter such as clearing the surrounding area and making sure that it is free from branches and bushes.

Indoor filters are less susceptible to dirt, at least in most residential homes, unless there is an antiquated HVAC unit, and can therefore be changed less frequently.

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Bad Odor in the Kitchen? Check Your Disposal

Garbage Disposal Odor Issues


Vista PlumberGarbage Disposal: My Disposer Smells Really Bad

When you smell some horrific odors coming from your garbage disposal, there can be many things that can cause it. You first should start off by ensuring that the seals on the garbage disposal are clean. If these seals brim of black mold, this could be the cause of the offensive smell.

Also be sure that the sink strainer does not have old food particles lingering on it. If these simple measures do not rid the odor completely, a plumber may need to be called for professional cleaning or replacement.

What Can a Plumber Do To Get Rid Of It?

If you already tried grinding up a lemon peel or pouring down baking soda with vinegar and the foul smell still exists, there could be some other issues going on with the garbage disposal.

This device could be damaged which is causing the garbage disposal to fail. There could also be a severe blockage going on with the disposal, therefore it may require a thorough cleaning done by a professional plumber.

However if garbage disposal replacement is needed, you may wish the plumber to suggest which type of unit will suit your home the best and its requirements. You should also determine if there are any specific job functions that you wish the garbage disposal to handle.

Garbage DisposalWhat Shouldn’t I Put Into My Disposer?

Once simple rule to follow but unfortunately still happens every now and then, is to never leave any food hanging on the disposal. When food remains for a lengthy period, it will naturally grow old and lead to decomposing.

Never, ever place any plastic, metal or glass items down inside the garbage disposal as this only leads to more horrible odors. While many vegetables are great for the human body, the garbage disposal does not take too kindly to them.

Vegetables like celery and asparagus tend to be thin and straggly, leading to all kinds of clogged disposals. The stringy portion of the vegetable can become wrapped within the disposal unit. Also be sure that those little stickers placed on vegetables and fruits avoid contact with a garbage disposal.

Rice and some types of pasta can also be troublesome which eventually leads to drain clogging. Egg shells are another food that must not come in contact with the garbage disposal.

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How a Thermostat Upgrade Can Save Money!

Thermostat Upgrade


Vista HeatingHow Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work? 

A thermostat is an essential part of any home infrastructure. The use of a thermostat can help the homeowner make sure their home has been cooled or warmed to their specific needs. All homes have thermostats in order to accomplish this vitally important task.

Today’s homeowners also have the opportunity to purchase a new kind of thermostat, one that allows them to make significant changes to the way they heat or cool their homes. The use of a wi-fi thermostat can offer significant savings and detailed control of heating and cooling systems. This is why it may make sense for many homeowners to purchase one.

How They Work

A wi-fi thermostat is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a detailed control of a home’s climate control systems. When installed, the wi-fi system carefully regulates when the home’s heating and cooling systems are turned on.

This can be done while in front of the thermostat. It can also be done when the homeowner is not even home. A wi-fi thermostat allows the owner of the home to make changes in the heating or cooling system of his house using only a smartphone or a computer. The homeowner does not need to be physically present in order to adjust the device directly.

Saving Money

Thermostat UpgadeHeating or cooling a home can be costly. Many people find their utility bills can be higher than expected, especially when it is particularly hot or cold outside. The wi-fi thermostat allows the homeowner to avoid heating or cooling their home when they are not using it. This means they can save money on fuel costs when they are not using the home. It also allows the house heating systems to come on at a precise time.

A homeowner may realize they always get home at the same time each day. They can program the wi-fi thermostat to start warming up the house a half an hour before they get home and then turn off the heat right after they leave for work.

Many people this helps them save money on their energy costs. They also find that it allows them to adjust the systems in case of an unexpected event. Someone who owns a vacation home need not visit the home to make sure the home’s pipes are bursting in the event of a sudden ice storm.

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It May Be That Time for Drain Cleaning

Why Does a Drain Clog? 


Vista PlumberHow Can I Keep This From Happening?

A clogged drain is perhaps the most common plumbing problem homeowners must deal with. While hair and soap are among the most common culprits, drains can become hopelessness clogged for a variety of reasons.

Hair, especially long hair, is usually the most common cause of a clogged drain. During shampooing, strands of hair wash down the drain and catch on anything rough along the interior of the pipes, clumping together. As hair clumps grow larger and larger water drainage begins to slow down.

Believe it or not, even though it is intended to be used with water, soap can cause a scummy buildup on the inside of pipes and create drainage problems. This is especially true if you have “hard water,” which is water with a high mineral content, as the minerals can accelerate soap build in the pipes.

Kitchen drains are easily clogged with food if the sink isn’t equipped with a garbage disposal. Ironic as it may sound, small food particles will often cause more problems than large ones as the smaller particles can stick together, causing a drain blockage.

What Are the Causes?

People try to flush all sorts of things down the toilet, but the only thing that should ever be put down the toilet, besides human waste, is toilet paper. However, even big wads of toilet paper do not breakdown easily. Unlike toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue and feminine products are not designed to break down like toilet paper and can quickly cause a drain to become clogged.

While it may seem counterintuitive, not all liquids can be poured into a drain. Cooking oil, grease and fats will congeal in the pipes and rapidly cause clogs.

Liquid Soap is the Key

Drain CleaningSink drain and toilet clogs can be difficult to deal with for the homeowner, as chemical drain cleaners are only a temporary solution and can harm pipes and the environment. Placing a strainer style drain plug in the sinks can reduce hair and food clogs.

Switching to liquid soap will reduce soap scum buildup in pipes. Cooking fats and oils should be poured into plastic bags and placed in the trash.

Additionally, having a water softener and garbage disposal installed by a reputable plumber will eliminate soap scum and food particle clogs. If you do experience a clogged drain the best solution is to call a plumber rather than trying to deal with the problem yourself and possibly damage your pipes.

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Water Consumption and How to Control It!

What Consumes The Most Water In My Home?



Vista PlumberMoney is very hard to come by and having a high water consumption bill can add extra layers of stress for homeowners who may not be able to keep up with all of their bills.

There are many reasons for a high water bill, including; leaky faucets/pipes, high water pressure, a faulty water meter, etc. Here are possible reasons for seeing a major spike in water utility bills and how to fix the problem:

A Leaky Faucet is The Culprit

The majority of plumbing companies find that the main cause for a high water bill is often due to a leak. Sometimes, these leaks are apparent when looking at a faucet. This may not be the case if the leak is happening within a pipe. A licensed plumber will be able to locate any leaks that are not visual to the naked eye.

When a plumber locates a leak, they will often give a diagnosis or a written statement to the homeowner. A written statement can also be sent to a utility company so that the bill can be adjusted. Other places that can hold a leak is the washer machine and toilet.

Make Good Use of a Water Heater

Water ConsumptionThe meter in a home measures the amount of water being used. Most of the time, water meters are reliable, however, there can be some issues if it is outdated.

They can also be misread. If the home owner feels that their meter is broken or giving faulty readings, contact the utility company and explain the issue. An employee from the utility company may inspect the meter after coming to the home to make sure it is reading correctly.

Patching Up Leaks

There are some kits available to the public for patching up leaks. They are often found at the local hardware store. It is always recommended to hire a skilled plumber to take care of leaks.

Plumbers may take a fraction of the time to repair leaky faucets and pipes compared to a home owner who have no training or knowledge of plumbing systems. A licensed plumber will also be able to detect larger problems, such as the evidence or mold and/or mildew.

Conserving Water in The Bathroom

The best tip for reducing a water bill is to reduce the amount of water usage in the bathroom. Most water is used when showering (can use up to 20 gallons of water to take one shower!). Use a water-conserving nozzle, which can easily be placed on faucets and showerheads.

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Preventive Maintenance Saves Money!

How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money?


Vista PlumberDoes Preventive Maintenance Save Me Money? 

Any property owner, whether residential or business, knows that major repairs are a headache. They are costly and time consuming. One of the best things that you can do is perform preventative maintenance on the home’s plumbing system.

You will be saving money by not having to pay for costly repairs. Regularly having a professional plumber check your plumbing or sump pump can identify any potential problems before they happen, fix them, and prevent further issues. Being proactive with your property investment is a huge benefit to anyone involved. Families need their home, and everything in it to be in working order.

Businesses must have full functionality of their facility to ensure that they are profitable. Taking a small amount of time once or twice a year to give you place a check up can save you from disaster down the line.

What Types of Preventative Maintenance Should I Have Done on my Property?

Residential customers with sump pumps should periodically have their pump cleaned, discharge lines checked, and have the primary and backup pump tested for functionality. Just a few of the problems that can be prevented by regularly maintaining your sump pump include: backup of waste, backup pump not working, sewage coming up out of the yard, and more.

These common problems are very expensive to fix but are very simple to prevent. Those without sump pumps are recommended to have their drains and sewers checked to ensure that there are no clogs, leaks, etc. Toilets, water heater, kitchens, bathrooms, and washing machine areas are usually included in a maintenance check to ensure that no problems are forming.

Why Is This Important?

Preventive Maintenance Commercial properties should have their drains and sewers cabled as a largely preventative practice to thwart heavy clogs and potential backups. Regularly have your plumber come for a thorough check of plumbing in your facilities approximately every six months.

Just consider the loss of business and sales that would come from a major plumbing issue. Keep your business and building going strong with the help of an experienced plumbing team.

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Must Know Water Leak Prevention Tips

Precautions For Water Leaks

Vista PlumberSo many people don’t know they have a water leak until they get their monthly bill. If a home is using excessive amounts of water, the water company may be the first to let the family know. If the bills are excessive and there is wasted water, there are a few things that must be done. First, call a plumber to help with the situation. Second, they will conduct an investigation into the home and what is going on behind the scenes.

One of the first things to look at is the average consumption a month. Based on statistics, a family of four should use around 12,000 gallons during the period of a month. If this amount is exceeded, there is a problem. Some areas have a water meter. It may be in the ground in a metal porthole or on the side of the home. Check the water meter and record the data. Then in a couple of hours when no water has been used inside the home, go record the numbers again. If water is being used according to the meter, but nothing is being used inside, there is a leak.

Vista LeakThe toilet is a common place where leaks occur. To see if the toilet is leaking, simply add a few drops of any color food coloring to the tank. A toilet that is leaking color will have some of that dye into the bowl within a short period. Another area that commonly leaks is faucets. The gaskets around them often become lose or even break. Surface leaks can be caused by a faulty pipe fitting, and there could even be water lying on the ground that is not being noticed.

Doing a bit of investigation will help the plumber to quickly identify the problem. Oftentimes, the issues aren’t huge just need dealt with before they become massive. Whether it is just a leaking faucet or the toilet is running it is important to fix the issues. The first reason is that it is costly. If water is being used unnecessarily, this can be a large cost to the family. Second, water that is left setting or dripping in an area over time will create mold and mildew. Both of these substances is harmful to person’s health.

The latest buzz is to try to handle problems without professional help. While the do-it-yourself craze is in full swing, there are somethings that can end up being more costly than if they were just left to a professional.

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Is It Time To Clean Your Drains?

How Often Do I Need Drain Cleaning Services?


Vista HVACDebris and waste will eventually start to build up in your sewer line over time. This debris collects on the inside walls of the pipes and reduces how much water can flow out of your home. This will start to slow down your drains. If the debris accumulates quickly, then it could actually block the sewer line completely causing water to back up into your home. The drain cleaning services that we provide can prevent this from happening. It is important to know how often you need our drain cleaning services in your home.

When Your Drains Are Consistently Slow

You will need to call us for a cleaning when your drains are consistently slow or always having issues. This means that your drains never seem to function correctly even though you are taking steps to remedy the problem. This could also mean that your drains always seem to be clogging on a regular basis. These are all signs that you could have a clog in your sewer line. Our professionals can use the latest tools and technology to clean your drains without damaging the plumbing.

You Notice Other Problems or Odors

San Diego PlumberYou should call us for a drain cleaning if you start to notice other problems around your home. You might start to notice puddles of water in your basement. You might notice that your toilets are not draining properly or are overflowing. There might even be a foul odor coming out of your drains and fixtures. These problems could all be caused by a blocked or clogged drain. We can clean out any debris inside of your drains. If cleaning does not fix the problem, then we can inspect your sewer line to see whether another issue is present that needs to be repaired.

Every One to Three Years

If you want to have the fewest possible problems with your drains and sewer line, then you should call us for a complete cleaning and inspection every one to three years. If you are having drain problems on a regular basis, then an annual cleaning can keep your sewer line working well. If you just want to keep your pipes clean and in good condition, then a cleaning every two to three years will help. Our professional drain cleaning service can remove even the toughest debris and grease from your pipes. We will also inspect your drains to make certain that new problems are not developing.

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Switch To Hydro Jetting Today!

Top Reason To Choose Hydro Jetting


Hydrojetting1. Hydro Jetting is fast. Seriously, with some machines, water is blasted at 4000 psi cleaning pipes quickly by breaking apart any clogs in a very short amount of time. Cleaning household pipes with a water jet machine may only take a few minutes depending on what machine we use.

2. Hydro Jetting is proven to be effective. Many clogs found inside industrial pipes are quickly pushed to the other side within a matter of minutes. The water will open up cracks within the waste and liquefy the remaining waste making a smooth mixture that can be released. Think about constipation, one may take laxatives for a solution to this problem and hydro jetting does the same thing, but for pipes.

3. Hydro Jetting is environmentally-friendly. This method of cleansing pipes obviously environmentally-friendly because it is ejecting water as a method of unclogging pipes. Water, according to most chemists, is the universal solvent that separates many mixtures. The waste is treated the same way it is separated.

4. Hydro Jetting cleans pipes. Pipe cleaning follows the unclogging through the pressure alone. When high amounts of pressurized water are pushed through concentrated pipes, all of the grease, dirt, grime, and waste is easily removed due to the force of the pressure, leaving minimal debris in its trail.

5. Grease can be fought. Grease, the toughest bad boy that can clog household pipes, is always tough to deal with. Grease will usually congregate on a pipe wall, causing a clog to form. So when a concentrated blast of water is shot into the pipes, the grease is dislocated from the pipe wall and expelled.

6. Tree roots can be removed. Tree roots tend to grow and get into pipes over time. If there is a tree in your front yard, and you are having water/fluid problems, the tree root could be the cause. Sometimes tree roots penetrate the pipes causing blockage of fluid. So when hydro jetting is utilized, the water easily decimates the tree root ends forcing the pipes to unclog. Surprisingly, this does not kill the tree. It only quickly severs those particular root ends. Over time, the tree roots may grow back, and the same process may need to be used again. If this process happens again, it will happen after a few years and the tree may need to be fully removed. Furthermore, if this problem constantly happens, a bigger portion of the tree root can be removed. The hydro jetting will be able to identify this problem.

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Need a Clean Drain?

Drain Cleaning Services Vs. Liquid Drain Cleaners

Vista Drain CleanerWhether a homeowner decides to take up a maintenance job on their own, or call a professional is up to their preferences. However, there are many advantages in contacting a professional instead of doing certain things by themselves. For instance, a plumbing system problem may be difficult for the homeowner to fix due to the difficulty of reaching certain areas. Does this mean that there is absolutely no way for them to accomplish certain repairs and replacements in their home’s plumbing system? Certainly not. Although they may save themselves from external repairs and damages by calling a professional plumber. We can help you with your draining services.

There has been many scenarios of homeowners attempting to fix plumbing issues on their own, and unfortunately ended up cracking or splitting walls and pipelines. This mainly occurs because the majority of pipelines and drains are fixated behind walls, under counters, and in between small enclosures. By calling a professional plumber, the homeowner can feel confident in knowing that they have acquired a service that specializes in getting to these hard to reach areas with expertise and proper tools.

When walking into a supermarket or convenience store, one may notice that there are several options for purchasing drain cleaning supplies. There are a multitude of liquid drain cleaners available in today’s markets. Therefore, one may decide to purchase such a solution to clean out their drains and pipelines instead of hiring a plumber to conduct professional drain cleaning services. Is this the most viable option available to them?

Drain CleaningDespite saving some money when buying a liquid drain cleaner instead of calling a professional, it is not the recommended course of action if the homeowner feels that their plumbing system is dirty. Many of today’s solutions will do a good job of flushing down some of the debris and dirt that may be clogging up the drains or pipelines. Thus, making the circulation of the water within the pipelines more fluid. However, most of these solutions do not go as far as totally cleaning the insides of the plumbing system. This can be proven by a professional plumber’s pipeline camera. This is a tool that is utilized in today’s plumbing tasks, as it gets down to the core of the plumbing systems by providing the user with a clear view of the inside conditions of the drains. Upon seeing the captured image from inside the pipelines, one will notice that their drains are still dirty after using liquid drain cleaners. Professional cleaning services consist of professionals using tools and equipment to scrape and scrub the insides of the water lines, sewer lines, and drains to achieve a truly clean set of plumbing components within the household.

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Choose Only The Best For Your Home’s Drains

What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


HydrojettingThe most basic way to describe hydrojetting is that it is a process where a stream of water is sprayed out of a nozzle at ultra-high pressure. The water is spayed at such a high pressure that it is able to cut through items. Using water to cut items has the major advantage of being able to cut items that are difficult to do with traditional means, and that it allows for delicate items to be cut. Some common items that are cut with hydrojetting include grease, roots, and debris.

Hydrojetting Grease

One of the most common uses of hydrojetting is the removal of grease. This is because equipment used in food processing will tend to get a large amount of grease on it, and it will have to eventually be removed. The hydrojetting process is able to remove the grease without damaging the metal underneath it, and it is also able to clean parts of the equipment that are very difficult to reach. The hydrojetting process can even help to polish the machine, which is very useful is it is being refurbished for sale.

Hydrojetting Roots

The hydrojetting process is commonly used for the process of removing tree roots. This has the major advantage of allowing for the tree roots to be cut without having to fully expose the roots so they can be cut with a saw. Hydrojetting is also able to help to wash away some of the dirt, which means that the roots can be pulled free once they are cut.

Hydrojetting Debris

Vista PlumberFinally, hydrojetting is commonly used for the process of removing debris. Hydrojetting is able to cut up the debris into pieces that are small enough for them to be removed. Cutting up things like twisted pieces of metal with hydrojetting can even up to untangle them. Hydrojetting can even be used for things like cutting up concrete walls into pieces that are small enough for them to be safely pulled down. These advantages means that hydrojetting is a good thing for cleaning up twisted debris from a collapsed structure, or safely tearing down a building that is still standing.

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Heating & Cooling Companies: What You Need to Know

What To Look For When Hiring a Heating & Cooling Company


Vista HVACWhen a person’s heating or air conditioning system stops working, there is usually a brief moment of panic and then it’s on to finding the right person to fix the problem. However, there are some things to consider before you hire a heating and cooling company out of the phone book or off of the internet. Starting with the basics such as their license, experience, and insurance that as a consumer should be researched and verified before giving out your phone number and address.

HVAC License

Unlike a regular business license provided by a city and state, the HVAC license is a specialty license that is only granted after certain criteria has been satisfied. While the criteria in each state is different the foundation of the license would being with proper training at a state accredited institution, a formal period of apprenticeship under a licensed contractor, passing a state approved exam and paying a fee. Additionally, for the different types of systems there are different types of licenses. For example, a license to work on a single family home’s HVAC system is not the same license to work on a high rise building. So ensure your hired HVAC contractor has a valid license through your state for the type of work they will be doing for you.

The Right Experience

HVAC ServicesJust as finding the right person with the right license is important, so is finding the person with the right experience to fix the problem the first time. While it is not that uncommon to find HVAC contractors with decades of experience, this is not the same as having the right experience. For instance a person with 30 years of refrigeration experience might not be the right choice for fixing a heating system in a commercial building and vice versa. Also, ensure your contractor has the most up to date experience necessary to perform the work. Just as many technologies have changed with cell phones, the technology in HVAC has also changed.


In any business there is a chance of things going wrong, and is the reason for having insurance. This can be true for HVAC contractors as well. A mistake in this industry could result in something minor like damaging the lawn to major such as burning down a house. Having liability insurance or being bonded will ensure that any mistakes or errors that cause damage to you or your property will be fixed, replaced or at least reimbursed. The level of bond or insurance required will differ in each state very similar to licensing. So find out what the bond or insurance requirements are for your state and ask for proof of that insurance prior to letting your HVAC contractor start the work.

By ensuring your HVAC contractor has the right license, the right experience, and the proper insurance will show your contractor you are serious about the quality you expect. It will also ensure that your HVAC system repair will go smoothly and may prevent you from having to call multiple contractors out for the same issue. Because when your air conditioning system breaks in the middle of summer, the last thing you would want is to not have it fixed right the first time.

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Why having a professional take care of your project is a better choice than DIY

Reasons why hiring a professional is the right choice for that DIY project


Vista PlumberWhen it comes to solving plumbing issues in your home, it’s natural to want to save money. After all, plumbers are considered to be among the highest paid “blue collar” workers, and plumbing companies have long had a reputation (justified or not) for charging big bucks for the work they do.

So, it’s hardly surprising that many people will want to try to cut corners (and costs) by embarking on “Do It Yourself” plumbing projects. It should also come as no surprise that many people only end up succeeding in making the problem worse, and spending even more money in the long run. Here’s a handy list of reasons why you shouldn’t consider the D.I.Y. approach when it comes to plumbing.


Do you really know what you’re doing? Are you an experienced plumber with all of the necessary certifications that grant you the ability to even go about attempting this job? And do you know how to properly shut off the water before you begin tinkering with the various valves and pipes?

If you don’t even know the names of the various doodads and widgets that you’re adjusting and unscrewing, chances are you also don’t know all of the proper safety precautions that need to be taken before you start the job. Why don’t you do yourself, your neighbors, and your landlord a big favor and leave it all to a professional?

Vista PlumbingWarranty

Here’s something else to think about: A D.I.Y. job doesn’t exactly come with a warranty? If you screw the job up royally, who’s going to pay for the damage? You can’t exactly send a big bill to your landlord or your insurance company when you’re the one who caused the huge mess in the first place.

Calling in a plumbing expert and giving the job to them means that the work they do will be properly warrantied. All plumbers have to carry insurance in order to be allowed to do their job in the first place. This means that the client they do the job for is fully protected from the consequences of any disaster that may ensue. You certainly can’t expect this protection when you attempt to do a plumbing job on your own.

Saving Money In The Long Run

Yes, you may save a few bucks in the short term with a D.I.Y. fix. That’s if you don’t mess it up and worsen the issue. But, in the end, if you want a permanent fix that you can feel safe about, it’s best to bite the bullet and hire a professional plumber. You don’t want to spend the next few years doing little “patch up” jobs that will cost you more in the long run. For peace of mind, and a bill that’s truly final, call a plumber!

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Ways to make sure you’re ready for the winter

7 Recommended Pre-Winter Heating & Cooling Services


Vista Heating MaintenanceThe steps listed below will prepare your home heating and cooling system for winter. They are helpful and cost saving steps to make any home safe and warm for the cold season. Timing is important. Those who wait until after winter arrives will have a far greater difficulty in getting serviced. The HVAC pre-season service professionals should perform the following steps:

1. Check electrical connections to make sure of good power flow. Wires tend to move over time and resist bending. To overcome this tendency, one must inspect connections to ensure they are sound and that current passes without arcing or interruption. The services should include a visual inspection of wires to detect dark ends or signs of excessive heat. It should test that connections are solid and wires are secured to terminals or connectors.

2. Test voltage to make sure that the current flow meets requirements. For 110 volt systems and 220 volt systems, meter readings should match the needed voltage and amperage.

3. Lubricate moving parts to make sure that parts function properly and are not bound or restricted; check for excessive noise and vibration.

4. Ensure the condensation drain isn’t clogged and will allow water build-ups to flow away from the machinery. Clogged drains can interfere with the machinery and also cause damage to surrounding surfaces if water seeps through walls, ceilings and floors.

Vista Heating Tune Up5. Check start up and shutdown controls for effective operation; parts and connections can deteriorate over time, and interfere with smooth operation of the heat sensors, control contacts, and electronic clock and calendars.

6. Clean or replace the air filter on a monthly basis. The machine must take in air in order to exchange heat and clogged filters reduce the efficiency and increase costs of operation. Inspect exhaust outlets and all vents and ducts. Blockages can interfere with the function and cause excessive wear and costs.

7. Check fuel lines for leaks, inspect burners for clean burning, and examine heat exchangers for solid connections.

During the late summer or early autumn, homeowners and building owners should schedule a full professional inspection and tuneup. The timing is important for three reasons, first, to avoid the rush that comes after the first cold snap in a given area. Second, to ensure that the heating system is ready for cold weather which is unpredictable and can happen earlier or later than expected. Third, to take advantage of pre-season prices. Once cold weather hits, owners can encounter short supplies of technicians, services, and parts.

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Ways to cut down the energy consumption in your home

Ways to reduce your water heater’s energy consumption


Vista Water Heater MaintenanceInstall low-flow showerheads and faucets.

Due to changes in federal regulations, fixtures from before 1992 can use more than twice as much water as new ones and may also have less force behind the water coming out of them. For not much money, a professional can install updated fixtures that can significantly reduce your use of hot water. You might be surprised at how much of a difference this can make.

Have insulation added around the hot water storage tank. 

Insulation can help keep heat in and help lower your energy consumption. However, it is important to not to cover the thermostat. Also, with natural gas or oil hot water heaters, there are a number of other provisos. So consider contacting a professional and getting an estimate. Getting it installed professionally makes more sense than doing something that can be potentially dangerous for you and a potential expensive little disaster for your home somewhere down the line.

Vista PlumberLearn to cut the water off.

If you are the type of person who leaves the water running while you brush teeth, well, get in the habit of turning the water off. Also, turn your shower off before stepping out. Don’t be one of those people who steps out while the shower is still running. When your shower is over, turn it off. Then get out. Also, learn to turn it off properly. Do not leave it dripping. If you can’t get it to turn off properly, consider getting a professional to check the gaskets and fix any leaks.

Insulate the pipes as well.

In addition to insulating the storage tank, the pipes running to the water heater may also need to be insulated in order to maximize heat retention. This is a small thing that often gets overlooked.

Get a professional audit done.

Hire someone to check for leaks, check out your appliances, look at your hot water heater and generally look around and see what is going on in your home which might be driving up consumption of hot water or the energy to produce it. A professional can give you some tips, tricks and hard numbers for things you might personally overlook. They can also hook you up with the products and services that will provide a comprehensive package to address this issue more effectively than any do-it-yourself, homegrown answers typically can manage to do.

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