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Ways to cut down the energy consumption in your home

Ways to reduce your water heater’s energy consumption


Vista Water Heater MaintenanceInstall low-flow showerheads and faucets.

Due to changes in federal regulations, fixtures from before 1992 can use more than twice as much water as new ones and may also have less force behind the water coming out of them. For not much money, a professional can install updated fixtures that can significantly reduce your use of hot water. You might be surprised at how much of a difference this can make.

Have insulation added around the hot water storage tank. 

Insulation can help keep heat in and help lower your energy consumption. However, it is important to not to cover the thermostat. Also, with natural gas or oil hot water heaters, there are a number of other provisos. So consider contacting a professional and getting an estimate. Getting it installed professionally makes more sense than doing something that can be potentially dangerous for you and a potential expensive little disaster for your home somewhere down the line.

Vista PlumberLearn to cut the water off.

If you are the type of person who leaves the water running while you brush teeth, well, get in the habit of turning the water off. Also, turn your shower off before stepping out. Don’t be one of those people who steps out while the shower is still running. When your shower is over, turn it off. Then get out. Also, learn to turn it off properly. Do not leave it dripping. If you can’t get it to turn off properly, consider getting a professional to check the gaskets and fix any leaks.

Insulate the pipes as well.

In addition to insulating the storage tank, the pipes running to the water heater may also need to be insulated in order to maximize heat retention. This is a small thing that often gets overlooked.

Get a professional audit done.

Hire someone to check for leaks, check out your appliances, look at your hot water heater and generally look around and see what is going on in your home which might be driving up consumption of hot water or the energy to produce it. A professional can give you some tips, tricks and hard numbers for things you might personally overlook. They can also hook you up with the products and services that will provide a comprehensive package to address this issue more effectively than any do-it-yourself, homegrown answers typically can manage to do.

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Don’t even think about turning on your AC unit until you do this one thing!

Why changing your air filter is essential to your AC unit


Vista AC MaintenanceWhen it comes to the quality of air in your home, there really is nothing more important than changing the air filter in a timely manner. The air filter is inexpensive and you can purchase a pack of the right air filter size for just a handful of dollars. The problem though is many people do not change their air filters on time, which can cause some rather significant problems in the quality of the air. It is an easy just, you just need to make sure you do it. This way, you never have to worry about the quality of your air ever again.

Over time, dust, dander and other debris is going to stick to the air filter. As this happens it can cause a few different problems in regards to your forced air system. First, it backs up the filter, which forces the AC or heater to work harder in order to push through the desired temperature of air. Because the equipment has to work harder, it is going to significantly increase the cost of your energy bills. With this increase in price, you might end up spending a few hundred dollars extra annually, all because you did not change out the air filters in a timely manner.

Vista Air Filter ReplacementAnother side effect of not changing the air filters in a timely manner is dust and dander starts to pass through the filter and into the air system. So, this dust is going to eventually push into the air, which is not good for anyone with allergies. This can be a problem as it causes extreme breathing conditions, and even for people who do not have allergies, simply breathing in a continual flow of dander and dust can cause some negative breathing issues.

As the dust starts to clog up inside of the air filter, it is eventually going to stick to the inside of the air system as well. Whether this is the vents or just the air ducts, it reduces the quality of the air and the efficiency of the air even after you change out the air filter. You should not feel a lingering effect of the air filters for not changing it on time. It is an easy task that you can do, as you do not need to do any special adjustments. You just need to slide out the old air filter and insert the new one.

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Immediately improve your family’s health right now!

The health benefits of having a water filtration system in your home


Vista PlumberWe know that your family deserves clean water and that the best way to make sure that you are getting healthy water is by installing a whole-house water filter. But, before you decide to get a water filtration system, you should know about the process and the health benefits that you’ll enjoy. We are sure that after learning about it, you’ll view buying a whole house water filter as an investment rather than an expense.

As the name suggests, a whole house water filtration system distributes clean water to the entire home and not just the kitchen faucet, where most people get their drinking water. This is done by setting up the filter at the point where your water enters your home, thereby getting you clean water for everything from cooking to bathing to laundry. This is important because you can be exposed to negative health effects from contaminated water from all of your interaction with it, not just by drinking it.

A whole-house water purification system can be installed in only a few hours and the filtering process takes just a few steps:

Vista Water Filtration SystemFirst, your water will be pre-filtered as it enters the home, removing impurities and contaminants in tap water. This step is key because the filters trap anything that might later result in clogging during the process.

Next, any chlorine or similar chemicals will be removed, which makes your water taste and look better. Chlorine can be a good thing, since it neutralizes harmful contaminants, but it also makes your water smell and taste bad when compared to untreated water.

After chlorine is removed, activated charcoal is used as a means to catch any further impurities that may have been missed in the first two steps.

Finally, whole house water filtration systems engages in waste removal by flushing away the contaminants that were caught in the previous steps.

The health benefits of buying a whole house filter system are numerous. You’ll be protected from allergens that can negatively impact your metabolism, as well as guaranteed that your family is protected from water born diseases that are commonly found in untreated water. Not only that, but you’ll have better mental health and peace of mind knowing that you have safe and great tasting water.

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Interested in cutting your cooling bill by at least 25%? Find out how!

Why you should get a high efficiency AC unit for your home

Vista AC InstallationWhen it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit, there are multiple things to consider. You have to look into the size of the area that you want cooled. When heating and cooling is involved, you can’t just look at the square footage of your house, you have to look at the volume of your air space. No matter the space, the goal of any homeowner should be to buy a high efficiency AC unit. The advantages far outweigh the price of the unit itself, and in the long run, will actually save you money on your monthly bills and maintenance.

The first benefit is to the environment. The more energy you use the more electricity you use. The more electricity you use the more the power plants have to work, and therefore create more carbon in our atmosphere. It has been proven that the large amounts of carbon that is being put into our atmosphere is causing global warming and the climate of the planet to change. Not only will you help the earth, and all the people on it; you will also help how much you’re spending on your monthly bills. High efficiency air conditioners use a lot less energy than the other AC units and therefore will cost a lot less electricity to run.

Vista AC ServicesNot only that, a high efficiency air conditioners also come with features that can be set to the exact make-up of your home. With these features, you won’t be using more energy than you need. These features will allow you or a technician the ability to fine tune the unit for your home. Since the unit is using the energy more efficiently, it will allow you to keep your AC unit for a longer period of time. This is another cost saving perk to these types of units. These AC units also need less repairs and less worrying about how well it will run. As if these weren’t enough positives about a high efficiency air conditioner, these units do not use freon. Freon is a corrosive gas that eats away at many of the AC parts and pieces. These high efficient units use an environmentally-friendly gas that is actually better than the harmful freon and allows the unit to work better without the harmful effects that freon has on the unit itself. All in all, these units make your home better.

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Give yourself a peace of mind!

How can drain cleaning help your overall mood?

Vista Drain CleaningMost people think of drain cleaning as pouring some fluid to clean out the pipes or some other easy to do type of solution. However, drain cleaning can be much more complicated than that. Hiring a professional is best. Otherwise you may be wasting your time and money and still have the issue to deal with.

Hiring us to clean your drains will give you a much better experience and have your system running as if there was never a problem at all. Our services also result in lower monthly bills. Having clogged or dirty drains or pipes can cause the water to have trouble passing through pipes causing more power to push water through. This problem will lead to higher water bills for those with water connected to city water. Even for those who are connected to well water, unclean drains will require more power to push through running up the energy bills.Most people are aware their central heating and air needs to be cleaned not only to get rid of dirt and allergens, but to lower energy costs so the unit will not need as much power to heat and cool accordingly. The same applies to plumbing, dirty pipes cause spikes in water bills and energy costs.

Many assume that using the typical drain fluids will help their situation with the assistance of some drain filters. Drain filters can help and should be used even after a cleaning, however, this will not eliminate your problem. Filters can stop bigger things but cannot stop hard water build up. The same hard water build up happens in shower heads, facet heads, and throughout every pipe in the home. The longer you go without a cleaning, the harder it is to remove it. After having your drains cleaned by us, it is best to keep up on it by scheduling a routine cleaning to avoid any further complications and lower your energy bills as well. If you have higher than average water bills energy costs without any higher use or have noticed a sudden spike in your water bill, call us today.

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Why Should You Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater?

Sand Diego Tankless Water Heater Traditional water heaters provide a preset amount of water heated so that it can be used throughout the home on demand. The insulated tanks are usually covered in a solid metal casing and come in various sizes ranging from a few gallons up to 100 gallons or more. Homes with large families and several bathrooms will likely need a tank capable of holding at least 80 gallons to avoid running out of hot water on busy days when everyone is showering or bathing at approximately the same time. Having the larger tanks allows enough hot water in the reserve tank to accommodate all family members as well as other incidentals such as washing dishes or doing laundry. If the hot water that has been stored in the tank runs out the family will simply have to wait at least thirty minutes for the enormous tank to heat additional water.

A tankless water heater takes a different approach so there is no need to wait for the reserve tank to heat water. Rather than heating water and simply having it on hold until needed, the tankless water heater acts on demand and instantly heats water to the preset temperature and sends it through the pipes so there is always plenty of hot water to go around regardless of the number of people using it at once. Water being heated on the spot as needed saves households a significant amount of energy that would have been spent keeping water warm on a contingency basis. This could result in lower utility bills. Another benefit of not holding dozens of water in a metal tank is that there is no chance of leakage. When a traditional water heater ruptures, overheats, or simply gives out serious flooding could result and damage personal belongings and expensive flooring. Because the demand on a tankless water heater is not as much of a strain as traditional water heaters they typically last much longer than the expected five to ten years as their conventional counterparts.

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Want to Get The Best AC Maintenance?

What kind of regular maintenance do ACs need and how often?

San Diego AC MaintenanceThe outdoor unit of a central home air conditioner should always be covered in the winter in the areas of the country where air conditioners aren’t generally used due to cold weather. Air conditioner units can be covered with pre-fabricated kits or by simply measuring and cutting a 2 to 6 mil plastic sheet to cover the unit. Conversely, the cover should be removed before the unit is operated in the warm season months. The fins on the sides of the unit should be checked for debris before operating as well. The air flows inward and upward into the unit from the sides and any blockage will diminish the cooling effectiveness of the unit.

Check the cooling fins on the sides as well. If the fins are bent, the airflow could be blocked. Use a kitchen knife with a rounded end or a specialized tool to straighten all the fins inside the protective cage that surrounds the unit. A soft bristle brush can be used to remove smaller debris from the cooling fins. If the debris is too compacted, an HVAC company should be used to flush the unit from the inside. It’s a good idea to perform fin maintenance toward the beginning and the end of the cooling season.

Make sure the insulation around the refrigerant line is intact as well. The insulation insures the refrigerant is as cold as it should be as it goes into the house. Check to make sure the refrigerant line and electrical supply line are in good shape too. Make sure the cooling unit is level. The compressor inside the unit won’t operate at full capacity if it’s not level.

Check the refrigerant line on the inside of the house as well. Make sure the inside unit is draining properly. Algae can grow inside the drain line and cause a blockage. Check to make sure the fan unit is functioning properly. It’s a good idea to change the air filter two or three times per season depending on the amount of dirt and dust in the environment where the cooling system is.

If a refrigerant leak is suspected, a qualified HVAC company should be contacted to find and correct it.

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What are the Benefits of AC Repair Services?

Benefits of AC Repair Services


AC RepairIt is that time of the year again, when the sun is glaring down and the temperatures are steadily rising to unbearable limits. The handy dandy air conditioning is blasting away in your arctic wonderland, safe from the outside world, enjoying catching a cold while children are experimenting with eggs on the black asphalt. But, unexpectedly, the air conditioning unit does not seem to be working like it used to. Then, it doesn’t quite seem to be working at all. The heat is creeping in through the walls and your house has now become an oven. Air conditioning repair services can fix that.

Air conditioning repair is not merely fixing what is broken, but also includes the cost effective and efficient services of mending before the problem occurs. The benefits of AC repair services are numerous and provide assurance for the present and the future. AC repair services provide frequent maintenance and regular small repairs so that the heat will never catch you unawares. By providing regular maintenance, you can save money by making sure that your air conditioning unit is functioning properly and not wasting energy. This will help you to save money and ensure that your air conditioning is pumping out the cold air at max efficiency, keeping you cold and happy through the miserable summer heat.

AC repair services also provide peace of mind, by guaranteeing the safety of the system and extending the life of the equipment. Regular repair services help you save money in the long run, by preventing expensive repairs or replacement units. Save your money and your summer now by having a professional company or individual come and perform these maintenance inspections and repairs on your air conditioning unit. You will be saved from the heat and enjoy the assurance that you are safe now and for the future.

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How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

RepipingThere are several key factors when it comes to the time needed for a bathroom repipe. Those pipes were installed in the home years ago and were never designed to last forever. It was much easier to install them when the house was being built because the contractors were still working in most cases without walls or flooring. Now that the house is complete and the pipes are hidden, the challenge is exposing all the pipes and replacing them correctly. Here are just a few things that can affect the time needed for this project to be completed.

The first thing to consider is where your bathroom is located in the house. If your home has one floor with a basement, the plumbing contractor can access the pipes under the floor much more easier. They will still have to remove some of the walls to access the pipes, but when they get in the basement they can often work with the pipes much more easily. The problem begins with bathrooms on higher floors. The pipes run between floors, requiring the plumbing specialist to have to either remove the ceiling below or the floor in the bathroom to assess certain sections. In this case you could be without that bathroom for at least five days while the job is completed.

Most piping installed in older homes that is due to be replaces was made of either PVC or copper. The pipes can not bend except for the joints at the end, so they need to go through supports and beams to complete the route. One way you can trim some time off the bathroom repipe is to consider PEX piping. This flexible pipe can easily go around certain unmovable obstacles easily. Rather than drilling holes in supports, the PEX pipe goes around the obstacle.

One last thing to consider is the amount of pipes in the bathroom. If you have a garden tub, multiple sinks, a shower, and a toilet, you can expect the job to be longer than if the room simply had a sink and toilet. Always ask the plumbing contractor for an estimate as far as time so you can make adjustments in your daily routine to allow them the time they need to do the job right the first time.

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Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

What causes my faucets to drip?

Faucet RepairDripping faucets can become a major annoyance in your home. They can also waste water, increase water bills and potentially cause damage to the surrounding area if left untreated. There are several common reasons why your faucets might be dripping.

Damaged or Worn Parts in the Faucet

One of the main reasons we are called to repair a dripping faucet is because of worn internal parts. There are actually several types of faucets in use today. Traditional faucets can start to leak when the washer inside wears down over time. The cartridge in cartridge faucets might need to be replaced. A ball faucet could start leaking because the O-ring, seal or another part has finally corroded and needs to be replaced. Calling us for repairs can stop the leak and prevent further damage.

Improper Water Pressure

You might see leaks from faucets because the water pressure in your home is too high. Improper water pressure can actually stop water from draining away normally. It can then travel in the wrong direction and start exiting through any available faucet or fixture. You should call us to repair and inspect this problem. This is particularly important because water pressure issues could be an indication of other systemic problems with the plumbing in your home.

Cracked or Damaged Pipes

Cracked or damaged pipes can sometimes cause a dripping faucet or the appearance of a dripping faucet. A corroded or cracked pipe just below the fixture could send out water that makes it look like the faucet is leaking. A broken pipe could also be the cause of water pressure issues that will send water back up and out through the faucet. If broken pipes are suspected, then you should call our professionals right away for repairs.

Incorrect Repairs or Installation

A final reason for a leaking faucet is an incorrect repair or incorrect installation. This can happen with some do-it-yourself work or if faucet parts are defective. This will cause the faucet to leak steadily. The only solution is to have the repairs or installation completed by professional plumbers like those at our company.

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Should clean my drains with hydro-jetting?

Should clean my drains with hydro-jetting?


AC Tune-UpHomeowners, after a period of time, understand the annoyance of experiencing a drain obstruction. Some are pretty easy to fix–a clogged toilet or shower drain–others, not so much. The deeper the clog develops, the more impossible it is to reach, and when the clog occurs in your sewer system or deep within your home’s plumbing, a plumbing specialist or professional equipment for a drain cleaning may be required.

Over time, sewer pipes sometimes collect a whole mess of things within them, like tree branches and roots, scale build-up, debris, and grease. Depending on the situation, instead of the need to replace an entire pipe (a costly repair), the sewer system could benefit more from a thorough cleaning. Plumbing specialists use the method of hydro jetting with the pressure of water at an extremely high rate to force all that junk out of drainage systems and sewer lines.

The pressure at which the hydro jetting equipment sprays the water can reach as high as 35,000 PSI. For a common clog, a plumbing snake, cable, or drain cleaning solution might provide a temporary solution (and limited scope), but hydro jetting clears the entire system. The method is powerful enough to restore the pipes in the system to their original, pre-installation cleanness. Tree roots are notoriously the most difficult item to remove and are no problem for the hydro jetting method.

At one time, the usual method of deep-cleaning pipes (especially those composed of copper, galvanized steel, or PEX) was to insert a hole at the point of obstruction and scoop the pipe clean. Hydro jetting prevents unnecessary risk to the piping system itself and reaches those places that the former method could not. The hydro jet hose is usually self-propelled and, once inserted into the drain, will go to work with the most effective cleaning procedure available. It is, in most cases, reserved for the most serious of back-ups when repeated attempts at unclogging the drain or area of piping haven’t been successful. No matter the circumference of the pipe, hydro jetting equipment can be refitted to fit into smaller or larger spaces depending on the need. Every size pipe can be cleaned, and because of the flexibility of the hose can bend and move with the individual piping system.

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How should I choose an HVAC technician?

How To Choose An HVAC Contractor


HVACChoosing an HVAC contractor is an exercise in making sure that you get the right services for your home. You may not fully understand the air system in your home, but you need to have someone on your side who can help. The services that are offered by a quality HVAC contractor are varied, and you must make sure you can get them all in one package.

Regular Services

You need regular services for your units because they tend to break down when you are not using them. When our crews come to your home, they will open every unit, check the unit for defaults, change the filters and inform you of any problems in the system. This is time when we can catch small problems before they get out of control. You cannot keep money in your wallet if you are leaving repairs undone.

Repair Services

When you turn on your air or heat and do not get good results, you need to have the system repaired before the problem grows. We can repair a multitude of HVAC problems quickly so you do not have to go without conditioned air in the your home. Our repair crews can make quick work of most repairs, and we carry many of the required parts for common repairs on your trucks.

You Can Inspect The House

The best HVAC contractor works with you to make sure that your home is always in good working order. If you notice problems in your home, you can alert us to the issue. We will take the information you give us under advisement, and we will use that information to more quickly diagnose the problems in the house. We value your input, and we rely on it because you are in the house every day.

When you are choosing the right HVAC contractor, they must be willing to work with you on all the HVAC problems in your home. We cannot function without your help, and we only repair the things that are broken. This symbiotic relationship keeps your family comfortable all year long.

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How should I handle a plumbing emergency?

How to handle a plumbing emergency


Emergency PlumbingThere are some common plumbing problems that a homeowner may experience throughout the duration of owning a home. Knowing what to do about emergency plumbing problems can help you to find the right solution quickly. Sometimes there may be some things that you can do on your own, but other plumbing emergencies may require the help of a professional plumber and professional tools to help you fix the problem fast.

Clogs in drains, and leaks are the two most common plumbing emergencies. These can both create panic in the homeowner when they occur. If you find that a drain in your home is clogged, the first tool you will want to grab is your plunger. This is a staple in almost every home, and you can apply pressure to the drain to remove the clog. If you find that a plunger is not getting any results, it may be time to find a licensed plumber to help you remove this clog.

You do not want to use harsh drain cleaning products on your home drains, these often do not work and are harmful to the environment. Many people also think about using a snake to clean the drain, but if you do not know how to use this tool properly, you can actually cause a great deal of damage. A plumbing snake is something that you need to use with skill and precision, and this is what a professional plumbing company can offer.

A leak is something that can be small, or you may have a very large problem that needs immediate attention. Locating the main shut off valve to your home is something that everyone in the home should know about. If a major leak is occurring in the home, you will want to shut off the water before you do anything else. A plumber will know how to detect leaks in the home fast. This will allow you to locate the leak and fix the problem so you can begin using the water in your home again. A plumber can also give you some solutions on how to dry any areas that have been saturated with water.

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What is the difference between tank and tankless water heaters?

Differences between a traditional water heater and tankless


Water Heater InstallationHopefully you are reading this article before you need to make a hasty decision. Replacing a water heater with the traditional tank model or going to the modern tankless version is not a cut and dried choice. This article will explore the differences in the two and provide information to help you make the best choice for your situation.

The traditional water heater has been around for many, many years and has served its purpose well all those years. The tankless water heater has only been available for a much shorter time and has only recently gained popularity.

Traditional units store anywhere from 20 to 100 gallons of water in a tank which heats the water using either gas or electricity. Tankless water heaters have no storage tank and work by heating the water as it runs over tubing that is usually made of copper. The advantage of the tankless is a constant flow of instantly heated water. Traditional water heaters can run out of heated water as you may have experienced after several back to back showers by family members.

However, since the price difference between the two can be substantial the way to decide which one to buy is to take a look at your usage. A house with two to three people does not need as much hot water as one that has three teenage girls and a couple of boys. Another deciding factor will be how long you decide to stay in that house.

The large family can keep everyone happy and save a significant amount on energy bills by installing a tankless heater or two. When not in use the tankless does not consume energy while the traditional tank model must continually work to keep the water stored in the tank hot. Savings of $100 or more per year are not uncommon.

For a small family or an older couple the traditional heater may be the best choice. Lower usage would mean very few times without enough hot water and the energy bill savings may not be enough to offset the price. Your best bet is to give us a call and we can discuss the pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

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What are the benefits of having a programmable thermostat?

Benefits of A Programmable Thermostat


Programmable ThermostatProgrammable thermostats are growing in popularity because of the many benefits and advantages that they offer over regular thermostats. Some of these advantages include the savings in energy and being able to schedule temperature changes even when you aren’t around. These are just a few of the many benefits that come along with a programmable thermostats. Having a programmable thermostat goes a long way in making home owners much happier because your thermostat will already be pre-programed to suit your desired level of comfort. This makes home life much more easier and enjoyable.

Energy savings is one of the biggest advantages of a programmable thermostat. These thermostats are more efficient and accurate than normal thermostats which help in saving energy. This in turn helps save money on utility. The return on investment with a programmable thermostat can save home owners $150 annually. Even with the higher priced programmable thermostats, the money saved within a year or two’s time can offset the initial price. They are even better for the environment as they contain no mercury, making them eco-friendly. This use of less energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so this thermostat would even be great for the more environmentally conscious.

Now on to the main attraction of the programmable thermostat, and that is the programming itself. The majority of people have their daily schedules that keep them very busy and this thermostat is made just for that. You can program the thermostat to adjust based around your schedule. You can have the temperature change to whatever you want during different times of the day and night. If you like it cooler when you sleep and warmer when you awake, you can have just that. And you’re not limited to one schedule as most programmable thermostats have a seven-day programming ability so you can have a different setting for every day of the week. These thermostats even have ventilation programmed into the settings so you can even have fresh air when you need it.

These are a few benefits of having a programmable thermostat. The energy saving and programming features are enough to make them worth the investment. This thermostat can be a great added benefit to any home.

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