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Spring Cleaning Starts Now!

Spring Plumbing Tips: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Plumbing


Vista PlumberSpring Cleaning is typically associated with just dusting and cleaning out rooms around the house.

However you can’t forget about the cleaning and maintenance of your plumbing as well, so call your local professional plumber and get your cleaning done today!

1) Clean Your Bath Tub Drains Out

Getting all the hair and dirt out of your drain will keep from having to possibly break into your walls to clean out a clog in your pipes later.

2) Have Any Mineral Deposits Removed from Your Shower Head

This will allow for good flow. A plumbing professional can help you decide if it should be cleaned or if it is clogged enough to replace.

3) Evaluate Your Pipes

If you have cracks or breaks in your pipes, it can lead to big problems. You’d rather find a small crack today than your basement full of sewage down the road. This is a also a great time to check the water pressure throughout your house for any problems.

4) Create an Emergency Water Plan with Your Professional

This will include finding the shutoff valve, seeing if things are placed that could fall into and cause problems with your toilet, and other steps you can take to minimize in case of a water emergency, including who to call in different situations.

Vista Spring Plumbing5) Check Your Sewer Lines for Problems

This is an especially great thing to do in the spring as tree roots can often times get wrapped up and cause breaks in these underground lines.

As you can see many of these issues can cause major problems down the road that will cost you thousands if not tens of thousands depending on the issue. This is why cutting corners is not an option.

Don’t try and do it yourself or just find a friend who will do it on the cheap. You very well could end up being the poster child for the person who could have done it right but is paying big now for not doing so. Spend a little today and save big down the road!

Spring is upon us, which means time to start your cleaning list for your Vista home. Give 1-800-Anytime a Call at (760) 477-2222, and get assistance on your Spring list!

The Real Facts on Drain Cleaning Solutions

What are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Vista PlumberWhen many homeowners experience a clog in their plumbing systems, the simple solution is to run to the local grocery store and grab a bottle of chemical drain cleaner.

These solutions are advertised as a simple and inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional plumber, and are supposed to clear the drain soon after being poured into the pipes.

The problem is that many times these chemical cleaners do not work, and they actually are more dangerous than most homeowners are even aware of. Consider these three reasons to avoid using liquid drain cleaners and hire a professional plumber to clear the clog.

Deterioration of the Pipes

When a significant clog is stopping the flow of water in the pipes, pouring liquid drain cleaner into the pipes is not the answer. These solutions contain toxic ingredients, and if the clog is too severe, those chemicals will remain trapped in the pipes where they slowly begin to deteriorate the pipe from the inside.

The longer and more frequently you use these solutions, the weaker the pipes are becoming. The end result is that not only didn’t you clear the clog, you are lessening the life span of the plumbing system, resulting in more frequent pipe replacement.

Toxic Fumes in the House

When you pour that liquid drain cleaner into the pipes, if the clog is not immediately removed, the toxic fumes from those chemicals will slowly work their way back up the pipes to the drain. Once back at the drain, these deadly toxic fumes will Vista Drain Cleaning Solutionscontaminate the indoor air quality.

This is extremely dangerous for small children and pets, and anyone suffering with respiratory issues. The air quality will quickly become dangerous, and can lead to a huge variety of illnesses if exposed to the toxic fumes for prolonged periods of time.

Contaminating the Water Supply

For the same reasons you are told not to pour pint and dangerous chemicals down your sink, you should consider that the drain cleaners are just as bad. They contain many more toxins than items you are instructed to never put in the drain.

These chemicals can find their way to the water supply, and if not treated properly at the water treatment facilities can pose a threat to the environment.

These chemicals used in large volume pose a threat to those exposed to the water and to the local ground water supply.

Are your pipes all clogged up in your Vista home? If you’re having trouble, give 1-800-Anytime a Call at (760) 477-2222, so we can get down to the root of the problem.

Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom

10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


Vista PlumberIf you are like many others, you may easily spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom each day bathing, grooming and more. You want this space to look great and to be functional for all of your needs.

You may also want it to be a stylish area of your home that you can show off when others visit your home. Remodeling the space is a necessity if you want to improve your home in these different ways, and these are some great ideas to think about as you make your upgrades.

Add Luxurious Faucets and Fixtures

First, think about upgrading your faucets and fixtures. These may be smaller features in your room, but they are nonetheless eye catching.

A rainfall shower head, for example, can add a touch of luxury and can make your shower time more enjoyable. A cascading faucet in the bathtub can be equally beneficial.

There are several luxurious sink faucets to consider as well. A plumber can help you to install the faucets and fixtures that you select for your space.

Install Upgraded Tubs and Showers

While you want to focus on the faucets and fixtures, you also want to pay attention to the tub and shower. You can replace an older, smaller tub with a whirlpool tub.

A claw-style bathtub can be equally sophisticated and can have a different effect on your space. You can enlarge your shower area and perhaps even add a bench seat or a second shower head.

Choose Stylish Sinks

A plumber may also help you to install a stylish new sink. There are numerous sink styles available for you to consider, and each can have a different impact on your space. For example, a bowl-style sink can be a modern addition to your space, but there are different materials available.

These include hammered copper, porcelain, glass and others. There are also basin-style sinks and under-mount sinks. Each will have a Vista Bathroom Remodelingdifferent look, and your plumbing company can install the sink that you decide to purchase.

Plumbing features are among the most visible and noticeable features in a bathroom, and these are features that you do not want to install on your own.

Instead, you can choose the fixtures that you want to install by searching through all of the beautiful options, and you can contract with a professional plumber for assistance with the installation of your preferred features.

Let our team help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222 for exceptional service in the Vista area.

Let the Professionals Clear up that Clog

Hydrojetting: Discuss 5 Benefits of Hydrojetting


Vista PlumberPlumbing problems are the bane of the residential homeowner. Clogs, cracks and leaks can lead to even bigger issues that can end up costing a small fortune to repair.

Preventative maintenance and alternative repair methods such as hydrojetting can save a considerable amount of time and money.

However, any solution must be performed by a highly trained and professional plumber to ensure that it works properly and doesn’t cause additional damage. This is especially true when considering hydrojetting to clear out a clog or blockage.

What is Hydrojetting and How Does It Work?

Hydrojetting is a method for clearing mild to extreme blockages or clogs in the lines of a residential or commercial plumbing system.

Essentially, it is a highly pressurized blast of water designed to clear out common types of debris like hair, food particles, grease and even tree roots.

Most hydrojetting processes involve the use of water sprayed at up to 4000 psi (pounds per square inch). This is powerful enough to cut through solid obstructions and dislodge debris build-up.

What Are the 5 Main Benefits of Hydrojetting?

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Time-effective
  3. Easy to Implement
  4. Preventative
  5. Proven Effective

When Should I Use Hydrojetting?

Before deciding on a hydrojet solution, it’s vital that a plumbing professional performs a video inspection of the pipes. This inspection Vista Hydrojettingis important for several reasons.

First and foremost, inspecting the lines will allow the plumber to locate where the main blockage or clog lies and how best to get rid of it.

In certain situations, a traditional snake tool may be required before the hydrojetting in order to fully remove the problem.

This is the main reason why a video inspection is so important before making a final decision.

Secondly, a full inspection of the plumbing system will show where any line breaks, cracks or leaks are located. It will also show any areas that could lead to future problems.

This is important because while hydrojetting is a great solution for clogs, it cannot fix broken pipes or large leaks.

Regardless of the overall problem, a professional plumber should do a full system inspection before suggesting a course of action. In some cases, a hydrojetting solution may cause more problems than it solves.

If you suspect build-up in your lines, don’t hesitate to schedule hydrojetting services. Call (760) 477-2222 and let 1-800-Anytime clear the pipes of your Vista home.

Inspect Your New Home Today!

Plumbing Inspections: What Are the Benefits of Plumbing Inspections


Vista PlumberAs a potential homeowner, it seems as though you’ve been doing nothing but scheduling inspections. These inspections add one more level of stress to buying a new residence, and it would seem that all of these inspectors could take a look at more than one issue for you.

But the reality is that all of these individual inspections are in the best interest of you, the future owner. And one of the most important of these inspections concerns the home’s plumbing system.

Why Buyers Shouldn’t Be DIY Inspectors

There are lots of reasons why it’s a bad idea for potential homeowners to act as their own pre-purchase building inspectors. One is being erroneously misled by emotions and enthusiasm. The other is lack of expertise.

It’s very easy to be tricked into overlooking problems by new paint and fancy fixtures, and this is especially true with plumbing.

According to Archicentre, a watchdog service for Australian architects, 30% of the homes that it inspects have major plumbing problems. And this just isn’t a Down Under problem.

Many American buyers are too dazzled by plumbing cosmetic surgery or don’t ask the right questions about plumbing systems before signing on the dotted line.

Why Buyers Should Use A Professional Plumbing Inspector

Not all professional building inspectors are qualified to inspect plumbing systems. A potential buyer absolutely should engage one who is, as the money saved can be in the tens of thousands. Such an inspector can:

  • check roofs and gutters for leaks, vegetative growth, renovations, and blocked access points
  • look for bad or incorrectly installed floor and wall tiling
  • check hot water heater and radiators and all building piping
  • check all sinks, toilets, and traps for leaks and drainage issues
  • conduct video inspections of sewer lines

As a New Home Owner, What Can Be Done Before Moving Into a New House?

Even if a home gets an “A+” from all inspectors and the deal is about to be sealed, a buyer should take extra steps to avoid future nasty plumbing surprises.

They should examine the warranties on all existing plumbing system equipment, to determine when professional maintenance and Vista Plumbing Inspectionsreplacement is needed.

They should obtain diagrams of the home’s plumbing systems (which should indicate what and when work was done).

And they should make sure that even minor leaks are corrected, hot water heaters are blanketed, and pipes are appropriately insulated, to insure that their dream home is energy efficient and damage free for years to come.

By getting these plumbing inspections in your Vista home, will save you time and money. Call 1-800-Anytime today at (760) 477-2222, and see what plumbing inspections you need today!

Annual Drain Cleaning Services Will Benefit You!

Drain Cleaning: What Are the Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning?


Vista PlumberStops Slow Drains

Slow drains are a result of buildup in the pipes. This buildup slows water which causes a backup and the water drains more slowly.

Slow drains can easily be eliminated with professional annual drain cleaning. Professional plumbers have unique tools that aren’t available to the average homeowner.

Their skills and equipment keep the time and cost quite reasonable. Having clean drains means no more showers with a few inches of water around your ankles. Keeping drains clean is one of the best ways to keep drains running smoothly and keep pipes clear of build up.

Great Smelling Bathrooms and Kitchens

Have you ever wondered where a smell originated, only to find it is coming from a drain? Homeowners take risks with their pipes and plumbing by using low quality cleansers from the grocery. This could damage the pipes and corrode fixtures creating a much bigger problem. The best solution is annual drain cleaning.

This will eliminate the bacteria that can grow in drains and plumbing. It will keep odors at bay. In addition, professional plumbers have experience with all types of sink materials and fixtures so they can be sure to take great care of any kind in your home.

Their knowledge and expertise can make sure none of the problems that grocery store cleaners will happen in your the home. Take the time to set up your appointment now.

Reduces Likelihood of an Emergency Plumbing Visit

Annual drain cleaning leads to cleaner drains and a professional plumber seeing each drain in action. Their expertise will help identify Vista Drain Cleaningany problem areas before an emergency situation arises.

They can find leaks or pipes which could fail leaving water everywhere. Professional plumbers can also identify fixtures that may be about to fail.

There isn’t a more affordable way to get a plumber in to look at all the drains in a home; no one wants to call a plumber at 3:00am on a Sunday.

By taking the time to arrange annual cleaning homeowners can save money by avoiding an emergency call to the plumber. This is worth the expense.

Unclog that drain with the experts at 1-800-Anytime, just Call (760) 477-2222, we offer the best drain cleaning services in the Vista area.


That’s Why Professional Plumbers Are Here! Don’t DIY

DIY Gone Wrong


Vista PlumberIt is always a great idea to save money wherever possible. This often means that people will attempt to fix or repair things that perhaps should be left to the services of a professional.

One of the most common DIY projects that people attempt is plumbing. Taking on plumbing issues without the knowledge of a plumber can be a costly and extremely damaging decision.

Replacing Gaskets or Other Components

When all of the components and connections are considered, it is extremely easy for a novice to overlook an issue with leakage. There may be a gasket that is not properly fitted or sealed and may cause a slow leak.

An unskilled person attempting to install a gasket or other water system device may not notice this issue and as a result they will end up with a leaky sink in the future. This leakage may cause irreversible damage in areas that are not easily recognized from the surface. A skilled plumber will recognize these issues.

Replacing Old Piping

A professional installer has the knowledge to recognize problems such as rotting pipes, improperly installed pipes, or current safety and health code infractions. A plumber will have the experience and knowledge to quickly and efficiently recognize and adjust for these unique plumbing issues.

Improperly installed pipes can leak and cause mold to grow which can make the occupants of the dwelling very sick. These leaks can also lead to structural damage to the property which will need to be addressed at the expense of the owner.

Sealing Pipes

Professional plumbers know the intricacies of their field including the materials available to use as well as the materials that can or can not be used for each specific installation. There are instances where an existing water line is very old and has to be custom fitted. This may include such things as sweating the pipes or creating the new piping needed.

Vista DIY Gone WrongImproper use of the tools required may result in issues including starting a fire. Qualified plumbers know exactly how to converge and seal old and new lines to create the necessary hook-ups.

Plumbing issues rank high on the list of DIY projects that can potentially be done wrong. One small missed detail when installing plumbing fixtures and lines can cost a large amount of money in the future when a plumber will be essential to repair and replace broken and damaged materials.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222 for service in the Vista area!

No More Problems with a Garbage Disposal

Top Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Vista PlumberHaving a garbage disposal in your home can really simplify things in your kitchen. There are many reasons to install a system like this and they encompass everything from environmental reasons to keeping your home more clean, and allows for easier clean up.

Management of Your Food Waste

One of the great things about a garbage disposal is that they make clean up a breeze. Whatever you do not eat from your meals can be placed in the garbage disposal and remain out of sight.

This reduces how much trash you have in your home and will greatly reduce the smell from that trash can. You can quickly and easily remove the food waste in your home through the garbage disposal.

However, you must keep in mind that there are things that cannot be put down the disposal. Another reason to get a garbage disposal is that you can refresh them if they start to smell with some lemon juice. If that does not work, you will want to call a professional plumber.

Help The Environment

By using a garbage disposal in your home, you are essentially eliminating waste from the environment and landfills. Almost 20 percent of waste in these areas is food waste. That is a lot of food that has simply been thrown out. The use of a garbage disposal reduces this amount by processing the food and eliminating it from your home.

This allows more food to be used as fertilizer, which also helps the environment. This creates a renewable energy that you are not simply wasting by throwing it in the trash can. Using a garbage disposal does not only help you, but it helps the environment as a whole, especially since the cost of using a garbage disposal is much less than that of processing the food simply thrown away.

Keep Your Plumbing System Protected and Managed

Another big benefit of a garbage disposal system in your home is that the more often it is used, the more often it can clean out the clogs in Vista Garbage Disposal Servicesyour pipes.

This keeps them working properly and avoids any problems with your plumbing system. The garbage disposal will save money for you in the long run if used properly and regularly.

Call your local plumber to have a system installed in your home. As you can see,there are many benefits of using the system, not only for you and your home, but also for the environment.

Smelling a stink in the sink in your Vista home? That means you need a garbage disposal, just Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222, and have an expert install one today!


Broken Faucet? Might Be That Time for Replacement

Faucet and Sink Fixture: When is it Necessary to Replace my Faucet? 


Vista PlumberTaking care of the faucets in your house may not seem like a top priority, but you cannot live in a home that has leaky faucets.

You should look over the information listed below to make sure that you are able to care for your faucets or replace them when needed.

When Should You Replace The Faucet?

You will know it is time to replace the faucet because the faucet no longer flows in the way it should. A faucet should offer you consistent water pressure, and it should never spurt suddenly when you are using it.

Also, the faucet should not drip slowly after you turn it off. The faucet is a closed system that should only ever be on or off. If you are experiencing these problems, you will need to replace the faucet.

Signs Of Damage

When you are looking at the faucet itself, you need to check for signs of damage. A faucet will leak around its base if it is damaged. Also, the faucet might drip into the cabinet underneath.

You should check at least once a week for these problems just to be safe. Also, a faucet that suddenly changes water pressure for no reason should be replaced.

How Do You Avoid These Problems?

Avoiding these problems in the future requires diligence. You need to make sure that you are checking the faucet for problems often, and you need to be sure that you understand how the faucet is put together.

Knowing the makeup of the faucet will help prevent issues in the future. Also, you want to make sure you have a plumber come to the Vista Faucet and Sink Fixturehouse at least once a year to check all your plumbing and fixtures for you. Regular maintenance will go a long way for you.

When you are taking care of your home, you need to look after the faucets. They are vital to the comfort of the family. but they could break at any minute.

Know when to replace them, how they work and learn to see the sign of damage so that you can avoid major problems in the future.

Having the proper faucet and sink fixture is vital for your Vista home. If this needs repairing, Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222, we have the best pair of experts to get the job done.

The Advantages of Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Service Benefits


Vista PlumberSump Pump: The Unsung Basement Hero

Basements tend to be some of the more challenging spaces of any home. One of the particular difficulties that many owners encounter is water in the basement. The geographical location of the house has a lot to say about whether or not a basement takes on water.

In addition, the problem is usually experienced by an entire neighborhood. One of the more common methods of eliminating the issue involves the operation of a sump pump.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump basin is merely just a space dug below the foundation of a home to collect water that runs underneath. The basin is emptied by a pump that diverts the water to another harmless location away from the building.

The actual sump pump is the device that takes the liquid from the basin and pushes it into a pipe which diverts it into a storm sewer or other location. The units generally operate on a float switch to automatically turn on when the basin reaches a certain height.

The Benefits of a Sump Pump

The system prevents water from building up around the foundation of the building. The main benefit is not having water flow into the basement and causing all sorts of havoc, but other benefits include a reduction in humidity, which eliminates strange aromas and prevents mold and mildew. The lack of water is the key to keeping the humidity low in this area of the house.

Why Homes Need a Sump Pump

Buildings that lack sufficient drainage around the foundation or footer can require a sump pump to offset the flow of water during storm events or general damp locations. While fairly common in older construction, the need for a pump is generally determined by the Vista Sump Pump Serviceproperty layout.

Basements of homes that sit at the bottom of a hillside or some type of grade can become collection centers for water. Since the sump is lowest part of the building, the water will collect in that location instead of running through the walls or floor of the basement.

In short, sump pumps have a place in homes across the country. With a periodic inspection, the units can run for years virtually worry free.

Of course, these specialized basement flood prevention appliances need to be properly cared for as well. In any event, the payoff for having an effective and properly sized unit in place is immeasurable to homes of any size and age.

Hindsight is always 20/20, don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home. To install or repair a sump pump in your Vista home, call the experts of 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222.

Emergency Plumbing Means Pick Up the Phone!

Emergency Plumbing 101


Vista PlumberNo one wants to face an emergency plumbing situation; however, when it occurs, you want a plumbing company to help you as soon as possible. Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime; however, some of the time they occur in the middle of the night.

Emergency plumbing services are services that are provided by plumbers who come to an emergency situation no matter what time of day or evening the emergency occurs. In most cases, these plumbers are on call.

Advantages of Emergency Plumbing Services

There are many advantages with emergency plumbing services such as being available at any time of the day or night. Another advantage is that this kind of plumbing service is generally well equipped to handle all kinds of plumbing problems. They have the necessary tools to take care of plumbing emergencies.

Other Advantages Of Emergency Plumbing Services

Still another advantage is that emergency plumbing services are usually quite prompt. This can be especially helpful when water damage could be a huge issue. Of course, emergency plumbing services are often expensive; however, they can save you money in the long run because they can minimize the damage that can occur during an emergency which could lead to a great deal of money.

Most importantly, an emergency plumbing service also offers more security and safety because they implement background checks on their employees.

Vista Emergency PlumbingThings you can do to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

There are also certain things you can do to prevent plumbing emergencies such as avoid pouring grease, food or other debris down your kitchen and bathroom drains. In addition, when you notice a leak, take care of it as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, a small leak can lead to a damaged pipe and that could quickly turn into an emergency situation. Scheduling an annual maintenance of your home plumbing systems, is also recommended.

Professional plumbers have an extensive knowledge about plumbing and can easily locate hidden leaks behind the floors and wall. Most importantly, be sure to know how to turn off the water supply of your home.

This is especially important if your pipe breaks and your basement becomes flooded with water. The main water supply should be turned off quickly.

To conclude, plumbing emergencies are clearly emergencies that need to be handled quickly. When a plumbing emergency occurs, call for and ask for plumbing emergency assistance. In the meantime, do what you can until they get there.

For an Emergency Plumbing job in the Vista area, 1-800-Anytime is the company for you! Call (760) 477-2222 and get the experts on it.

Get the Purified Air You Deserve

How Does an Air Purifier Work?


Air purifier’s are something that quite a few people choose to have in their home, but there are still many other people that may wonder how does an air purifier work, or what are the benefits of having an air purifier in the home.

The Different Types Of Air Purifiers

There are three major different types of air purifiers. The first is a filter purifier which uses a filter that is part of the heating and cooling system in a person’s home.

Particles that are too big to pass through stick to the filter and they become trapped there and in that way only the clean air is allowed to continue to circulate in the home.Ozone is the second type of popular air filter. It is thought that O-Zone can take away the bad particles that are in the air and an ozone machine basically sends Ozone out, and it floats around and eliminates any negative air particles that are found in the home.The third type of air purifier is an ionic air purifier. They ionic air purifier uses two metal plates that have a negative and a positive charge the purifier creates an electronic field and they basically draw in the air particles from the air and they are not allowed to continue to circulate in the home.How Is An Air Purifier Beneficial To The Family

The reason that air purifier can be something that are very beneficial to a family is because they can catch things in the air that can cause
members of the family to have very severe allergies to things such as dust, dust mites, dander from pets, and other allergens that can cause severe health problems to a person. When a person has an air purifier in their home, then their air is constantly being cleaned and in that way they are sure that their families are breathing in air that is pure.

How To Get An Air Purifier

It is very important to only use an air purifier that is very high-quality. It is good to know that there are many HVAC companies that have professionals that are able to not only help a family to find the best air purifier for their home.

They can safely, easily, and affordably place the air purifier in the home and they can make frequent checkups on the air purifier to make sure that it is in good working order.
Since the air we breathe is so important to our everyday life, it is worth the time and effort to investigate a good company that can come in and install a safe and effective air purifier in your home.

Want the fresh purified air in your Vista home? Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222 and breathe in the purified air you deserve.

Heating Your Home Properly Requires the Right Size Furnace

What Is The Importance Of A Properly Sized Furnace System?


Vista HeatingWhat Are The Benefits?

When you’re choosing to install an HVAC unit in your home, you must make sure that the system is properly sized for your specific home. The benefits of having the right sized unit for your home, is that it will properly cool and heat the home during the cold and warm weather.

The only reason that a central system is placed in a home, is so the entire home can be heated or cooled properly.

You always want your home to be comfortable, especially if you spent a lot of time in the home. Having the right sized furnace system is imperative, especially if you want your home to be comfortable, during extreme weather.

What Are The Drawbacks Of The Wrong Sized Unit?

If you have the wrong sized unit installed in your home, then it may not be something that you recognize right away. Typically, most people will have their units professionally installed, and as long as it works, they think everything is fine.

If a unit is oversized for the home, it may cool the home less often, meaning that the inside of the home may stay hot, muggy, and humid. An extremely humid home can be very bad, especially during the hot summer months.

HVAC systems need to cool or heat the home as necessary. If the system is not doing its job properly, or if it takes longer to run it, in order for it to cool or heat the home, then you’re losing money.

If the system is oversized, you’ll have to run the AC much longer in the summer months, in order to cool the home properly. In the winter months, you’ll have to run the heat much longer as well, and this will cost extra money on the monthly bill.

Will I Save Money?

Installing the right sized furnace system in your home can help you to save money. When you’re not excessively running the heat or A/C, in order to cool or heat your home, you can easily save on your monthly bill.

If you install a new HVAC system, the unit can easily conserve energy by using less, so you’ll save money that way as well.

In order to install the right sized furnace system into your home, make sure the contractor doesn’t base the size of the system, on the home’s square footage only.

Are you looking for the right furnace size for your Vista home? 1-800-Anytime can help, just Call (760) 477-2222, to get reliable service from the professionals.

The Common Causes of Slab Leaks

What Are the Causes of Slab Leaks?


Vista PlumberHow To Identify And Prepare For A Slab Leak

Of all of the things that could go wrong in a home, a slab leak is one of the more unpleasant. Not only does such a leak bring a pause to regular proceedings in the home, but it can cause a hit to the value of the home if the problem is not corrected. In short, a slab leak is not something that anyone wants to have to put up with.

What Is A Slab Leak?

This is a leak below a concrete surface that springs up into the home. It is not a pretty sight to see, and it can cause damage to the home if the homeowner is not responsible enough to take quick action against such a leak.

It is unlikely that most home owners are going to want to wait around to see the damage get any worse than it already is. As such, they need to understand that reacting quickly to this problem is the best solution available to them at this time.

How Did This Leak Happen?

This is something that has to be determined on a case by case basis, but a common culprit is often clay. Clay causes problems for many homeowners because it expands when wet but contracts when it is dry.

If there is clay up under the foundation of the home, this could be putting undo pressure on the pipes, and that in turn could cause a leak in those pipes. When this happens, the slab leak is a likely result.

How Do I Know If I Have A Slab Leak?

There are a few likely signs that one may notice when they are examining if they have a slab leak. For example, if they believe that they hear water running when all water sources have been turned off.

Vista Slab LeaksAlso, extra large utility bills are often a sign that something is wrong with the water. These are things that point towards a slab leak and action should be taken quickly.

How Long Will A Repair Take?

The repair of a slab leak is a process that generally takes about two days so long as the leak has been captured in its early stages.

Those who wait a little longer to get their leak repaired are probably going to face longer repair times. That being said, we strive to get leaks repaired within 2 days.

Are you seeing signs of a slab leak in your Vista home? No time to waste here, Call 1-800-Anytime at (760) 477-2222 to see what is causing that slab leak.

The Ins and Outs of Bathroom Remodeling

What Are Common Plumbing Issues You May Encounter When Remodeling Your Bathroom? 


Managing a remodeling of your bathroom is serious business. You need to make sure that you are changing your bathroom in a way that will last over the course of time. You may not know how to make your bathroom look perfect, but you can work with a professional plumber who cover most of these problem areas for you.Problems In The Plumbing

When you begin your work, you will notice that the piping in the room goes all over the place. This piping may need to move if you want to make changes to the room, but you should not do this work on your own.

You need to make sure that a professional plumber is moving the pipes around for you. The plumber can ensure proper flow in the pipes, and they can give you a chance to arrange the bathroom in any way you want.

Code Problems

The local building codes are something that you need to consider when you are rearranging the bathroom. You may need to get a permit to build in your bathroom, and you will likely be inspected. You also need to make sure the work is done up to the local building code if you plan on selling the house.

A professional plumber knows how to do the work to keep the work as simple as possible so that the bathroom will pass a code inspection.Bathroom Remodeling

Replacing The Shower Or Tub

When you are remodeling the bathroom, you need to replace the shower and tub for the sake of simplicity. You will have a more modern look in the bathroom with a new shower and tub.

Also, you will have a bathroom that is in much better condition. You will be able to prevent leaks, and you can save money on the repairs that would ensue.If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you need to make sure you follow the steps above.

A plumber will be able to handle these issues with their training. You cannot do these remodels on your own, and you will not be able to pass a code inspection without help.

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